A video4linux framegrabber 0.9.6

vgrabbj.sourceforge.net in Multimedia \ Video Editors

vgrabbj is used to grab single images from a video4linux device (e.g. webcam) and store it in a file (jpg/png).

Related Software

DT3152 Framegrabber - Linux driver 3152 Dt3152  Video

Video4Linux driver for DT3152 board from Data Translation (www.datx.com). DT3152 Framegrabber - Linux driver 3152 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

DT Framegrabber - Linux driver 3152 dt3152.sourceforge.net  Video Editors

Video4Linux driver for DT3152 board from Data Translation (www.datx.com).

video4linux on Kylix 1.0 V4lk  Video

video4linux on Kylix is a project to make video capture with v4l2 compatible devices on Kylix language.I think v4l on Kylix is the 1st video capture interface on kylix.I started translating videodev.h (v4l2) to videodev.pas. Now we need to start tests video4linux on Kylix 1.0 License - GNU...

Digital Image Processing Toy diptoy.sourceforge.net  Screen Capture

Digital Image Processing Toy process in real time live images captured from video4linux compatible hardware. Remove background from captured tv camera images, invert image colors, split rgb field, display coor istograms, etc.... Strong changes in light i

Gv4l 2.2.4 gv4l.sf.net  Video Editors

Gv4l is a Gui v4l (Video4Linux) frontend of transcode used to watch and/or record from a v4l-capable device. It can record in both encoded format, such as DivX, or in raw format.

iCam2 2.1.1 icam2.sourceforge.net  Video Editors

Video4Linux Webcam app -- Uses Imlib2 to libfame for multiple image output formats and 'time-lapse' MPEG video recordings. Has a host of other neat options, too...

Meteor-II Multi-Channel Linux Driver 1.1.13 meteor2mc.sourceforge.net  Misc. Utils.

This is a linux driver for the Matrox Meteor-II Multi-channel framegrabber. This is an alternative driver to the offical version which is available from http://www.emlix.com/index.php?id=158. Be warned that this is a developers-only version.

Photo2Video4Linux 0.1 photo2v4l.sourceforge.net  Screen Capture

Photo2V4L is a small program which captures photos from a gphoto2 compatible digital camera and puts them into a Video4Linux video stream. With it, you can use your normal digital camera as a webcam replacement. It uses the vloopback device driver.

pyv4l 0.0.2 pyv4l.sourceforge.net  Video Editors

Python bindings for video4linux. This is obsolete as Video4Linux1 since 07/2006. See http://linuxtv.org/news.php?entry=2005-11-11-0.mchehab

Simple PHP WebCam 0.2.beta simplephpwebcam.sourceforge.net  Video Editors

This project is a a basic WebCam, that works with all Video4Linux compatible video devices. Supports streamer from the Xawtv package and Videodog.Have features that makes it usuable as a simple security camera.