APR Virtual File System 0.2

Apvfs in Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

APR based virtual file system library and modules for read/write access to gzip, bzip, tar, cpio, iso and zip archives. APR Virtual File System 0.2 License - Apache Software License

Related Software

Tagged Virtual File System 1.0 Tvfs  Misc. Utils.

Tagged Virtual File System is a "high-level" SOAP based file system for file sharing among Virtual Organization nodes in a grid. Tagged Virtual File System 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 2.0 (LGPLv2)

/env file system 1.0 Envfs  Misc. Utils.

envfs is a virtual file system that provides namespace access to environment variables. /env file system 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Solid File System 2.2 EldoS Corporation  Components and Libraries

SolFS is is a virtual file system, stored in single file (or database record, file resource or just memory block). SolFS has all necessary functionality, that can be found in modern file systems, such as support for streams inside of files, file and stream encryption, compression, journalling...

SlimFTPd 3.181 WhitSoft Development  FTP

SlimFTPd is a fully standards-compliant FTP server implementation with an advanced virtual file system. It is extremely small, but don't let its file size deceive you: SlimFTPd packs a lot of bang for the kilobyte. It is written in pure Win32 C++ with no external dependencies and no messy...

Java Virtual System 0.1 jvs-vfs.sourceforge.net  Misc. Dev. Tools

Java Virtual System (JVS) is built around a virtual file system (VFS) - a common platform of Java, by Java, for Java. JVS extends JVM and makes it from an interpreter running half-compiled code a first-class server.

DBvFS - Virtual Filesystem in a Database 1.0 Dbvfs  Misc. Dev. Tools

DBvFS defines a virtual file system which can be stored in a relational database.Aim is to create a generalized definition for such a system, which should be open enough so it can be implemented in a variety of database systems and middlewares. DBvFS - Virtual Filesystem in a Database 1.0...

enfs - A user level VFS layer 0.1 enfs.sourceforge.net  Misc. Utils.

A virtual file system layer (VFS) that is portable and runs purely in user space. It provides an NFS v2 front end and a BSD-like VFS backend. Dynamic file system modules may be loaded to provide proxies, features or interfaces.

MobileFS 0.9 mobfs.sourceforge.net  Misc. Utils.

MobileFS is a virtual file system built over FUSE to provide access to any OBEX-compliant mobile device. It currently supports all siemens mobile L55 series, including A55, A56, A56i, A60, C55, C56, 2128, CT56, C60, C61, C62, CF62, M46, M50, MT50, et

VFSX 0.1 vfsx.sourceforge.net  Misc. Utils.

VFSX is a transparent Samba Virtual File System module which forwards operations to a process on the same machine for handing outside of the Samba daemon. The external handler can be implemented in any language with support for Unix domain sockets.

bfVFS 1.0 Bfvfs  File & Disk Management

Unified application-level Virtual File System with support for file archives. bfVFS 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 2.0 (LGPLv2)