AXE Pogo Xtreme 1.2

Greystripe, Inc. in Mobile \ Games

AXE Pogo Xtreme is a completely addictive, full size extreme pogo stick jumping game the first pogo stick game on the iPhone! Spring upward from platform to platform and pull off gnarly pogo stick tricks back flips, tail whips, 360s, and more. ...


AXE Pogo Xtreme is a completely addictive, full size extreme pogo stick jumping game the first pogo stick game on the iPhone! Spring upward from platform to platform and pull off gnarly pogo stick tricks back flips, tail whips, 360s, and more. Work your way up through six levels and unlock new moves as you go.

In true AXE style, you'll meet a new hot girl at the start of each level. Be sure to make a great impression on her by collecting AXE Bodyspray cans along the way to unleash the power of the ultimate trick -- the Double Pits to Chesty.

Once youve mastered all six levels and spent some quality time with the AXE girls, make your way over to Free Play mode where youll enjoy endless, progressively more challenging game play. How long can you last without falling? Watch out for platforms that move, spring you higher and some that disappear. Pull off as many tricks as you can to boost your score and jump higher!

This game is brought to you absolutely free by AXE Bodyspray. Enjoy!


- Includes six levels and free play mode for up to 60 minutes of game play
- Discover all 8 extreme pogo tricks as you progress
- Moving and disappearing platforms, springy platforms that launch you higher
- Switch from tilt to touch control mid-level
- Local high scores for free play mode and each level
- Play in-game music or listen to your own
- Challenge your friends to play
- Connect to Facebook to post your score
- Half casual, half arcade, and fast paced game play for all skill levels
- Designed exclusively to run on the iPhone and iPod Touch


Tilt to move left and right, or switch to touch control in the settings menu. Pull off tricks by tapping the trick buttons when they flash. The Double Pits to Chesty is as simple as Tap-Tap-Slide. Your progress in each level is marked with green sign boards. One spill and youre back to the beginning of the level. Pause the game by tapping the AXE meter bar in the upper left corner of the screen.

AXE Pogo Xtreme was developed by Octane Technologies and published by Greystripe.

AXE Pogo Xtreme 1.2 Games software developed by Greystripe, Inc. The license of this games software is freeware, the price is free, you can free download and get a fully functional freeware version of AXE Pogo Xtreme. Do not use illegal warez version, crack, serial numbers, registration codes, pirate key for this games freeware AXE Pogo Xtreme. Always use genuine version that is released by original publisher Greystripe, Inc..

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