Active Render Java Framework 1.0

Activerender in Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Actively Rendered Graphics Framework for Java GUI development. Active Render Java Framework 1.0 License - Common Development and Distribution License

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AAnimation 0.9 Alaa Alsalehi  Misc. Dev. Tools

AAnimation provides you with a Java framework that you can use to gain control over drawable objects in the Swing framework. With AAnimation, you can choose the animation start and stop time and control the animation list. It is a great solution for game developers and active component creators.

Easy Coverage for Java 0.2.1 Alpha Romain Delamare, Armel & Sylvain Leroy  Misc. Dev. Tools

Easy Coverage for Java is a handy Java framework designed to help developers save time by generating unit tests that can perform elementary verification actions. Using this tool, you won't have to write the same basic verifications instructions over and over again. Easy Coverage for Java does...

Crediare Java Framework for Android 1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

Crediare is a Java Framework created to promote agile development for Android applications. Crediare Java Framework for Android 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0

Essence Java Framework 1.03 Essence  Maintenance

Essence is a simple Java framework with modules for Quantitative Analysis and Distributed Data systems. Essence Java Framework 1.03 License - Apache License V2.0

Simple Java Framework Generator 1.0 Sjfgenerator  Misc. Dev. Tools

Simple Java Framework Generator is a project where database reads the one structure (tables, columns, foreign key, primary key) and mounts objects in Java using Hibernate with Annotation, Struts (Validation, Internationalization), Jsp with Jstl and Ajax. Simple Java Framework Generator 1.0...

Jnex Java Framework 4.3 Jnex  Misc. Dev. Tools

Jnex is a powerful Java framework based on the MVC design pattern. It is used to simplify and speed up the implementation process of Java Swing applications, Java Servlets and Canoo ULC solutions. Jnex Java Framework 4.3 License - GNU General Public License version 2.0...

Kitikat Java Framework 09.06 Kitikat  Misc. Dev. Tools

The Kitikat Java Framework is a powerful but simple Datastore processing framework. Kitikat Java Framework 09.06 License - Apache License V2.0

Semargl - AJAX Java Framework 1.0 Semargl  Misc. Dev. Tools

Semargl - AJAX Java Framework for developing web-based applications. Semargl - AJAX Java Framework 1.0 License - Artistic License; GNU General Public License (GPL); GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

dom4j 1.6.1 / 2.0.0 Alpha 2 dom4j Team  Misc. Dev. Tools

Developed as an open source and lightweight Java framework, dom4j allows you to easily work with XPath, XML and XSLT. dom4j is a tool that makes use of the Java Collections Framework. Furthermore, this accessible and useful framework also features support for SAX, DOM and JAXP.

jCOLIBRI 2.1 COLIBRI Team  Misc. Dev. Tools

jCOLIBRI is designed to provide users with a simple Java framework for creating Case-Based Reasoning applications. It easily integrates into web environments, which means that it can be used to deploy applications in real scenarios. The framework provides support for textual CBS and allows you...