Acusto MVC Framework for PHP 1.0

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MVC framework for PHP Acusto MVC Framework for PHP 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

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yet another mvc framework 1.0 Yamf  Misc. Dev. Tools

YAMF(Yet-Another-MVC-Framework) is a lightweight MVC-framework for PHP Developers. Which retain a robust easy to follow framework without the hassle of bulky-monolithic mvc code-base.Good for Rapid Development. yet another mvc framework 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License...

Cradlecore MVC for PHP 44 Cradlecoremvc  Misc. Dev. Tools

An easy to use mvc framework for php with simple json files and also easy to use commandline project assistant. Documentation is provided in the downloads available package. Routes mappings, composite modules, children modules, modules inheritance, cache, environments configurations, predefined...

Buzz.MVC 1.0b Buzz-mvc-php  Misc. Dev. Tools

Fast, Simple and direct MVC framework in PHP. No configuration files needed. Dont be a configurator, be a developer. Buzz.MVC 1.0b License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Mivec Framework 0.9.1 Mivec  Misc. Dev. Tools

Mivec Framework is a lightweight MVC framework for PHP. It aims at creating an object-oriented, lightweight web application framework for PHP, with many ideas borrowed from OpenSymphony's Webwork 1.4 ( Mivec Framework 0.9.1 License - BSD License

leaf framework 1.0 Leaf-framework  Misc. Dev. Tools

leaf framework, is a Greek open source MVC framework in PHP. Simple, fast, with a small footprint, easily extensible using PHP5`s new Object Oriented capabilities and well documented. leaf framework 1.0 License - BSD License

Morphing Minds Web Application Framework 1.0 Mmframework  Misc. Dev. Tools

Morphing Minds is a MVC framework in PHP with native support for I18n and transactions among other things. It is highly scalable and may be deployed on a web farm. Morphing Minds Web Application Framework 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

NEUR-PHP 1.0 Neur-php  Misc. Dev. Tools

Not Entirely Unlike Rails is a MVC framework for PHP projects. Unlike other similar frameworks, it is intended to be 1) 100% compatible with PHP4, 2) 100% documented and unit-tested and 3) native to PHP, not a port from Java or Ruby. NEUR-PHP 1.0 License - BSD License

Kode Monkey 0.2  Misc. Dev. Tools

Kode Monkey is a multi-application/multi-database MVC framework in PHP. It is intended to be used as a Many Sites One Framework platform. Built for Speed of Development/Speed of Use, Kode Monkey is sleek, small, and built to withstand enormous traffic.

PhpBURN  Misc. Dev. Tools

Developed by the manteiner Klederson Bueno, phpBurn is a MVC FRAMEWORK for PHP usage, initialy born as an ORM like hibernate and Nhibernate it allows you to create more and faster using OO concepts and patterns with a log of time gain.

PHPulse 4.0.130 Phpulse  Misc. Dev. Tools

PHPulse is the fastest MVC framework for PHP with a pageload averaging 10-15 times faster than other frameworks. It comes with integrated AJAX handling and built-in security management, administrative interface and installer scripts for for easy inst Dynamic Navigation/Subnavigation Creation,...