All Language Library for Script PLs 0.1.1 in Education \ Science

Script language independent library for calling functions out of script files with other PLs like C/C++.This should be possible, using only some few functions as interface.

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Get All document library from URL is a tool that allows you to view all libraries within SharePoint from a URL. Users simply have to post a URL into a textbox and all the corresponding libraries, even the hidden ones, will be afterwards detected.

Redtail Script Engine 1.0 Redtail  Misc. Dev. Tools

Redtail is a scripting engine library and script language. The Redtail library provides the ability to execute Scheme-like Redtail scripts from within an application, increasing flexibility. Redtail Script Engine 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

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Multi-Methods Dispatch Table Library 1.0 Mmdispatch  Components and Libraries

Multi-language library to deal with multimethod dispatch, disambiguation and type-checking using dispatch tables. This approach yields fast dispatch in constant-time and greatly helps resolving ambiguities. Multi-Methods Dispatch Table Library 1.0 License - Academic Free License (AFL)

Universal Database Library 1.0 Udl  Misc. Dev. Tools

A simple multi-language library to code applications that can use different kinds of databases, without altering the original code when changing database type. Universal Database Library 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

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SefTranslate module permit translate yours site content to all all language what Google Translate support. That module work only together with SefTranslate component. This module permit do content translate with help AJax or with help Redirect. This is the Basic version of SefTranslate, with...

Hyperic SIGAR 1.6.4  Misc. Dev. Tools

SIGAR (System Information Gatherer and Reporter) is a cross-platform, cross-language library and command-line tool for accessing operating system and hardware level information in Java, Perl and .NET.

NerveBreak 0105  Misc. Dev. Tools

NerveBreak is a scripting language, library and system. It can be used as a standalone scripting language (like Perl) or as a C library (like Lua). It has a C-like syntax and it compiles the source code to virtual machine byte code for faster execution.

Serbian Cyrillic Babel Package 2.2  Misc. Dev. Tools

The babel addon package to support serbian language with cyrillic script in the TeX document processing system.

School Dog 1.0 Schooldog  Science

School Dog is a Korean language library. Its first goal is to make a jaso utility library. And next goal is to make a better analyzer than the bigram analyzer. More goals will come in future. (Such as a Korean desktop search engine) School Dog 1.0 License - BSD License