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Are You Ready To Eliminate Anger From Your Life Before It Does Even More Damage? If you have anger issue, it is killing you! Some of the bad things that come with being angry are easy to spot. You know you don't feel good ...


Are You Ready To Eliminate Anger From Your Life Before It Does Even More Damage?

If you have anger issue, it is killing you!

Some of the bad things that come with being angry are easy to spot.

You know you don't feel good about your life. You know it damages your relationships and makes it harder to build new ones.

You know it can fill you with that sick feeling of guilt and regret.

Any ONE of those would be serious enough to immediately take action to control the anger in your life.

But there's more. Your rage could be killing you. Literally.

* Did you know that chronic anger has been directly linked to the development of diabetes?

* Did you know that clinical research shows that angry people heal more slowly than others do?

* Did you know that people with anger problems are up to five times more likely to experience heart problems?

Anger kills. It boosts cholesterol numbers. It jacks up your blood pressure.


Your problems with anger aren't just damaging the personal, professional and social aspects of your life. They're flat-out horrible for your health.

You might have a genetic predisposition to rage. Your childhood may play a role in your excessive anger, too. However, there is NO REASON you cannot break free of your hostility.

You can change the way you think and they way you handle your thoughts. You can learn ways to control your rage.

Don't use “That's just the way I am” as an excuse. Don't let a defeatist attitude keep you from enjoying a healthier and happier life. You can change. Period.


Take a minute to think about what it would be like if you didn't have that short temper. How would things be different for you?

Consider what it would be like to break free of your chronic problems with hostility…

* How much better would work and your career be? How much more could you advance?

* Much more!

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