Anterra MUD 1.0

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Anellus-Terrarum MUD source code using the LambdaMOO engine and based on the LambdaMOO-minimal database. Anterra MUD 1.0 License - zlib/libpng License

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MUD Map Designer 1 2 Stonefall Studios  Fantasy Games

MUD Map Designer is a tool that was developed for MUD programmers that wish to make maps for plotting or simply beneficial reasons. All files can be exported to several different image types. You can create your own setup files and map icons to use to customize each game! Here are some key...

MUSHclient 3.45 Gammon Software Solutions  Misc. Internet

Fast MUD/MUSH/MUCK/MOO client for Windows. Written in C++ for high speed. Has 500,000 line scrollback buffer, remembers last 5,000 commands entered (can be recalled sequentially or by searching), aliases, triggers, timers, keypad-navigation, speed-walking, auto-say, scripting, ANSI color...

zMUD 7 21 Zugg Software  Games

zMUD is the most popular and useful MUD client that has been made. When the Internet started, the graphical powers of the computers didn't offer much graphical expression. But the Internet was already there, so the obvious thing started to happen, Multi-User Dungeons were created. MUD is the...

Nightmist 2 58 Nightmist Online Development  Games

Nightmist is a highly-involved icon/text-based MUD (Multi User Dungeon). Create a fully-customizable character with distinctive strengths and weakness. Choose from one of nine classes, each one significantly influencing how you experience the game. Interact with players from around the world....

MMapper 2 1 Caligor & Alve  Games

MMapper is a mud mapper especially written for the mud MUME combining the UI, network and storage modules from caligor's mmapper1 with the auto-mapping engine of alve's expandora. This program lets you play classic text-based mud game with graphical environment. MMapper is easy to use...

CMUD 3.17 Beta 1.0 Zugg Software  Misc. Network

CMUD allows you to connect to and play hundreds of MUD Games on the Internet, and provides you many useful tools, such as aliases, actions, macros, keys, buttons, scripts, maps, databases, etc, to make your MUD player's life easier and more profitable. CMUD is a second-generation MUD client...

Aalyreth MUD Server 0.1.16  Misc. Games

An abandoned MUD server based on SocketMUD. Has custom OLC and some other features. It's rather 'barebones' at the moment. It's currently being rewritten.

Aerth Mud 2.1  Misc. Games

The aerth-mud project is designed around a need for a better multi-user dimension/dungeon (mud). Please telnet port 7777 to view a live demo. If you have any ideas, please visit the feature request area.

Agartha - Generic MUD Engine 0.0.1  Role Playing

A generic MUD Engine in language C (Universe and rules independent), role-play oriented, which uses XML for data.Some creation tools (for map, character, item) are provided for this MUD, but can be used with other one.

AIME2 MUD Engine rc  Misc. Games

A rewrite of the open-source AIME MUD Engine. AIME2 includes more-efficient code, a better structured scripting language, and a robust and flexible world development environment AIME has been known for. Includes better windows support.