Average Time 1.2

Vasiliy Shokov in Mobile \ Productivity

Average Time 1.2

This app is an events counter with time measurement. It will demonstrate how much time has passed, how many events you have collected, average, maximum and mimimum time between the events. That's it. Everything else is limited only by your phantasy. Collect the events. Watch average time of event or average number of events per time interval. Wind off the time. See some statistics or start all over again. How often do birds fly by you? What...

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Dark-MIR 1.0 Dark-mir  Misc. Games

Multiplayer tactic action game with something of RPG for 20 - 40 players, space game, battles, digging the ore, creating you own ship, 3 Sides (Red, Blue and Anarchists + alone pirates ) the average time of playing one game is 2 hours. Dark-MIR 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Greyhound Handicapper 1.3 Casey Condran  Sports

This application will allow you to enter up to 4 previous race times of a greyhound race for all 8 dogs of the same distance to evaluate which dog has the best average time. You can also analyse the times the doges have run at different distances in order to make your job easier to pick a winner.

Flash Cards PHP beta3 flashcardsphp.sourceforge.net  Parenting Tools

Flash card software, written in PHP. The software keeps track of right and wrong answers, it has a timer, it gives the percentage of correct answers, and it gives the average time taken to complete each problem. No database needed.

Alexa Site Stats for Safari 1.1 Matt Swain  Misc. Network

Alexa Site Stats is a useful Safari extension for viewing Alexa traffic stats and info for the current site. You can view graphs of things like Reach, Pageviews, Bounce Rate and Average Time on Site. Also available are search keywords data, audience demographics, contact info, reviews and...

Swingpro 2.01.0 Athnetix  Misc. Utils.

Swingpro is a combination software/wireless swing chronograph that can measure swing speed (MPH) and reaction time (hundreds of seconds). Increasing a players swing speed allows for more time to wait-on-a-pitch before you swing. This enables batters to observing the pitch, allowing them to choose...

Prisma Puzzle Timer 0.6 Walter Souza  Miscellaneous

Prisma Puzzle Timer is a cross-platform tool designed to track the time it takes to solve a given puzzle. The program is focused on Rubik's cube and provides you with multiple variations of the puzzle. You can customize the colors of the cube and select the one that you want to practice on. The...

Professional Time Calculator - Advanced Time Calculator and Date Calculator combined 5.6 LeisureMob Pty Ltd  Business

[ This is the Premium version of Professional Time Calculator. This Premium Version has No Ads. It also has Landscape Mode capability, so you can rotate your device to use in all 4 orientations. ] This app is a universal app, and works on both the iPhone and the iPad. This is a full and...

Quick tecord time by take screenshot 1.0 zhong zhang  Productivity

When you need to record a time, take a screenshot. When you need to record a time space? take two screenshot at begin and end. For example, you want to know how may time to go to work. Just take a screenshot when you out and arrive. This app will tell you total and average time.

Egg Crash 1.0 Stefano Campodall'Orto  Games

Save the Rabbit! Destroy the egg! The rabbit was closed in the egg! Smash the egg by hitting it over 1000 times faster! How much you will be faster? Can you make 1000 tap fast!?! The rules are easy: Less time in breaking the egg ... best record in the rankings! - Challenge your...

Learning Curves 1.1 PCAppDev Limited  Business

Learning Curves is an easy to use app with a friendly user interface. Learning curves describes the phenomenon whereby the labour time per unit reduces as units produced doubles as efficiency increases as a result of workers getting more familiar with the task. The time taken can therefore be...