BMI Caclulator

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BMI Caclulator

This Body Mass Index Calculator has all of the features you are looking for including both standard (imperial) or metric support. It also includes BMI charts for adults and child for quick reference. We provided a free trial version of this application that is fully functional however it includes ads. If you do not mind the ads you never have to purchase the app! We have also taken the time to ensure that using the app is as easy as...

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Free BMI Calculator for all platforms, a software program designed to estimate Body Mass Index for people who encounter overweight or underweight problems or want to avoid overweight or underweight and all related grave consequences. Body Mass Index - an indicator that allows people to find...

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- metric BMI calculator- imperial BMI calculator- Just drag and drop in your project - ActionScript 3.0 , is very simple comment- Very fast- Very easy install- Goog design- Small size , only 12kb

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BODY MASS INDEX (BMI) is a single number which expresses a relationship between height, body surface area, and body weight. The BMI is very useful because it correlates very closely to your body fat percentage which is much more difficult to measure. This simple BMI tool will calculate your BMI...

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