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Tired Parents Baby Soother Pro is the quickest and easiest way to get your baby or toddler to sleep through the night and take long restful naps during the day too.

Baby Soother Pro plays soothing sounds designed to help your child (and you!) get a good nights sleep. Everything you need is included.

Triple wakeup filter - The app will listen through the night, filter out other noise and will only begin playing to comfort your child if the baby wakes up and cries.

Timer display So you know how long your child has been crying when you go into the childs bedroom.

Heart Beat Mimics the sounds of the womb, designed for young babies (under 6 months).

Classical Lullaby A classical lullaby designed for older children (6 months to 3 years).

Ocean - A wall of white noise designed for those times when your child is over tired and needs extra comfort and reassurance.

Play Mode - Plays the sound for the duration of the countdown timer and slowly, gently, fades out and then goes automatically into Listen mode.

Listen Mode - Can be set at any time - great to put beside the baby when your child is already asleep and you know it will start to soothe if baby wakes up and cries.

Count down timer - plays your choice of soothing sounds for the timers duration and then automatically stops.

Volume buttons - large bright volume buttons, easy to find in a darkened bedroom.

Battery Saver - runs the app in iPhones sleep mode to prolong battery life.

Helpful information written by parents on:
- Sleep
- Crying
- Soothing


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