BacTra Exporter for Blender beta in Multimedia \ Drawing and CAD

BacTra Exporter for BlenderThe Bac/Tra format is common to versions of MascotCapsule, 3D rendering engine released by HI CORPORATION. MascotCapsule is a de facto standard 3D engine for cellular phone handsets.

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Quake Map Exporter for Blender 3D New Xembie  Misc. Graphics

Quake Map Exporter for Blender 3D is a useful plugin that enables you to easily and quickly export MAP brushes, nodes and surfaces. The plugin perfectly integrates within Blender and allows you to export entities with empty or customized values. This way, each object becomes a groups of brushes.

mgEngine 1.0 Mge3d  Misc. Graphics

mgE3D - mgEngine3D is an unfinished 3D Engine based on OpenGL. By now it provided several features like scenetree, mesh/skeleton mesh rendering and animation, terrain, materials, textures, multiple viewports, Python exporter for Blender and so on. mgEngine 1.0 License - Public Domain

Blender exporter for Trainz 0.69  Simulations

A project to build a Blender exporter in Python to enable content creation for Trainz computer simulator.

KrxImpExp 20.2011  Drawing and CAD

Importer/Exporter plugins for Gothic modding with 3ds max, gmax, Blender, Cinema 4D.

mgXPort 1.0  Graphic Converters

mgXPort - DirectX Exporter is an python script which exports DirectX files within blender. It has an user interface to make it easy to use. For now it exports meshes, normals, texture coordinates and materials. Frames and Animations are planned.

YSFS Blender Alpha Vincent Web  Misc. Graphics

YSFS Blender was specially developed as an accessible and handy package that contains Python scripts for Blender. YSFS Blender is designed in order to allow its users to import and export YSFlight files (.DRF, .DNM, .FLD, .YFS). You can also use the YSFS Blender package to tools to create...

Bookmark Exporter 2.41 KLMsoft  Web Browsers

Bookmark Exporter is a bookmark converter program, easy to use, that allow You to convert your whole collection (or just a selection) of Bookmarks (named Favorites in Internet Explorer) between browsers. For example Bookmark Exporter can convert Firefox bookmarks to Internet Explorer favorites or...

vCard Exporter 4.0 vCard Export  File & Disk Management

You have been running in MS Outlook but due to organizational or software switch you want all MS Outlook contacts to be converted to vCard files or you want a easy way to exchange contact information through internet. For both the problems SysTools software provide you with vCard Exporter that...

DameWare Exporter 7. 5. 2009 DameWare Development  Internet

The DameWare NT Utilities Exporter (DWExporter) is an easy to use tool that leaves no footprint on a remote machine and allows an Administrator to selectively export information from remote Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 machines, including information about Computers, Disk Drives, Groups, Printers,...

Blender - 64 bit 2 61 Blender  Graphic Converters

Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License. Blender offers a complete range of tools to thoroughly develop 3D animations and design. Its revolutionary, non-overlapping and non-blocking UI delivers...