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BackTrax is the easy, fool-proof way to run backing tracks on stage from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. If you've shared the frustration with the built-in Music app shared by thousands of other musicians out there, BackTrax is going to be a welcome relief!


* Background playback, so you can switch to a mixer app or guitar amp app while the backing track is playing.
* Auto-scrolling lyrics display. It's calibrated for the best possible fit with most songs, but more improvements are coming.
* (iPad) On-screen volume control and AirPlay support.
* AirTurn BT-105 wireless pedal control support.
* Displays lyrics stored in the mp3 files. (Note: BackTrax does not download or contain song lyrics, you must add them to your files in iTunes.)
* Font size options for lyrics and song list.
* Displays song count and total running time for setlist
* Stops playback after every song automatically, or (NEW!) optionally continuously plays straight through your setlist.
* Single screen interface means no flipping between screens to start a new song.
* Dark color scheme minimizes the illumination it creates on stage, and it's less harsh to look at in the dark.
* You can manually select any song to play next without it automatically starting, even while there's another song still playing.
* There's no pause button, it's a stop button. That means you can preview a track, stop it, and know that it will still start at the beginning when you push play.
* It loads songs from your iTunes library, so you use the same convenient music sync feature you always have, no special file loading for BackTrax.
* Big, colorful Play/Stop/Next buttons at the bottom that are hard to miss, and it's hard to accidentally hit the wrong one.
* The song list displays the running time of each song.
* Total set time display.
* A progress bar and countdown timer let you know when the end of the currently playing song is coming.
* (Option) It can select the next song when the current one finishes and wait for you to hit the Play button before continuing.
* (Option) It can remove songs from the setlist after they're played, so you can work from a list of songs you haven't played yet.


1) Sync your backing tracks to your device using the normal iTunes music sync feature.
2) In BackTrax, hit the Load button (on iPad it's Load Songs or Load Playlist) to load the tracks from your iTunes library.
3) Select a song in the list by tapping it.
4) Tap the big green Play button and the selected song (highlighted in blue) will play.


Questions? Problems? Requests? Please hit the support link below or go right to . Your feedback is always appreciated! Reviews are great, but I can't answer your questions or handle problems here.



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