Blaine's Film Looks Effects 1.0.1

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The following effects can be used to give your video more of a "film look". There are 9 different film looks available. These effects work with Windows Movie Maker 6.0 (either under Vista or Windows 7). Features: - Film Look - Bleach Bypass - simulates a common film printing process that results in higher contrast, lower saturation. - Film Look - Contrast - a higher contrast film look. - Film Look - Desaturation - a lower...

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Blaine's Bloom/Negative Effects 6.0 Blaine's Movie Maker Blog  Multimedia

Blaine's Bloom/Negative EffectsHere's a couple new effects for the Vista version of Movie Maker. The first two effects are called 'Bloom In' and 'Bloom Out'. If you use Bloom Out at the end of a clip, and Bloom In at the beginning of the next, you can get a cool...

Blaine's Custom Torn Titles 2.0 Blaine's Movie Maker Blog  Multimedia

Blaine's Custom Torn Titles it is a Windows Movie Maker add-on. It allows you to add custom transitions/effects/titles. These titles have been designed to work with either the XP version or the Vista version of Movie Maker. The look is similar to notebook pages

SpiceMASTER PRO 2 5 Pixelan Software  Multimedia

SpiceMASTER has long been digital video's leading visual effects plug-in for custom SOFT/ORGANIC transitions and effects, greatly enhancing your creative flexibility while editing. SpiceMASTER PRO includes ALL TFX features at left PLUS: - 400 amazing OrganicFX -- our exclusive...

162 Sound Effects with Ringtones - High-Quality 2.4 Roland Yau  Lifestyle

Join us with millions users playing with Sound Effects! BE WARNED, it's addictive! Sound Effects comes with 162 HIGH-QUALITY SOUND EFFECTS that will spice up your mood and others! Thinking to prank your colleague with sound effects? Thinking of making fun of your friends with funny sound...


The Ideal Man, myth or reality? Immerse in the symbolic world of the fragrance... Go through Michel Gondry's film set to collect fragrance bottles and increase your score to reveal your ideal potential. Your goal ? Try to reach the 68 Guerlain Champs-Elysees. Avoid spikes and bubbles that would...

KORG PS60 Plug-In Editor VST 1.0.3 Korg Inc.  Utilities

PS60 Plug-In Editor are applications for Macintosh or Windows that allows you to edit the PS60’s programs, performance, effects, and global settings. The PS60 Plug-In Editor is an editor that is compatible with the VST, Audio Units, or RTAS formats. It allows you to use the PS60 just...

Explosion Workshop 1.0 Exploworkshop  Video

Explosion Workshop will be a free film special effects application complete with everything needed to create realistic explosion effects. If you would like to contribute to this project, drop me an email. Explosion Workshop 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

AMS Image Effects 2.4 AMS Software  Graphic Viewers

AMS Image Effects has simple and intuitive interface, so editing of pictures is very easy. First choose the folder to browse, next click on any thumbnail... And now you can apply effects and it's combinations. All effects are available at one moment. It is possible without any additional windows!...

Blaine's Custom Speed Effects 2.0.1 Blaine  Multimedia

These custom speed effects for Movie Maker might come in handy if you are a movie maker passionate. Being freeware is another good reason why you should download and try them right away.The effects in Movie Maker might not be enough for your needs so don't hesitate.

SOLARIS THE GAME 1.0  Drawing and CAD

SOLARIS is a graphic adventure created and developing by Blender. The game takes place in the Solaris space station, as is described in the book "Solaris" by Stanislaw Lem and Tarkovsky's film.