BluffTitler DX9 7.25

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BluffTitler DX9 is a realtime 3D video titler. The result can be played in realtime or exported as a movie file for further processing in DVD authoring tools. Special effects include: reflection mapping, light beams, beveled borders, looping plasma effects, realtime shadows, EPS import, particle effects, bump mapping, RSS news feed import, vertex and pixel shader effects, spinning globe, waving flag, blob rendering and MPEG / Flash video...

Related Software

Alphabix Outerspace Software  Misc. Graphics

The Alphabix application was designed to be a small utility for creating bitmap fonts. It has been designed for use with BluffTitler DX9, but also features HTML export. A bitmap font is a font in which every character is a small picture. Other names for bitmap fonts are image fonts, raster...

C# in DX9-DemoModelingApp 1.0  Simulations

C# / DX9.0 Demo App/ Source Code1/20/03Modeling 3-dimensial functions, shapes such as spheres, cubes, and a fully animated wave-modeling simulation. Explores topics such as positioning lighting, cameras, shapes, windows interface, Font "Meshes"..

Direct3D Graphics Pipeline 1.0.3 Richard Thomson  Multimedia

The SDK docs give an overview of the changes in Direct3D for DX9, but the definitive list of changes is given by comparing the header files between the two releases. By doing this you will get an insight into every change between the two releases, not just those deemed important enough to mention...

DarKnif Engine 1.0 Knif  Strategy

An advanced DX9 3D Game Engine and IDE. DarKnif Engine 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

unknown destination 1.0 Ud3dengine  Misc. Graphics

A basic 3d game engine with support (when done) for DX9 DX10 and OpenGL for game development and education with features as Global Illumination, map and volumen shadows, deferenced lighting, post process effects and more unknown destination 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Bixelangelo Outerspace Software  Misc. Graphics

Bixelangelo is a design tool for creating bitmap (PNG) and vector (EPS) drawings for use in BluffTitler. Next to recording handwritten sketches, Bixelangelo can generate drawings in a wide range of styles including ornaments, filigrees, flourishes, curls and swirls. Features: +eTE Amazing...

LitTech 25  Simulations

LitTech is a 2D game engine framework which is programmed in Delphi and ASM. The engine relies on plugin usage to perform its tasks and is thus not internally bound to any hardware specifications. Pre-built plugins (e.g. DX9, FMODEx) are included.

NebulaCraft 1.0 Nebulacraft  Misc. Games

NebulaCraft is a 3D classic adventure game inspired by StarCraft:ghost. The game will like Grim Fandango or Monkey Island, with a StarCraftalike background. Nebula Device2 is used to achieve high quality graphic on a dx9 supported graphic card. NebulaCraft 1.0 License - GNU General Public...

3D Edit Silver 3. 2. 2002 Tenomichi  Multimedia

3D Edit is a simple to use yet powerful video editor that contains everything you need to capture, edit and record your video. It's built in "Show Me" Tutorials walk you through the program and show you step by step how to use its powerful features. You can use video from all...

F1 2005 MOD by CTDP Andreas Neidhardt  Games

You have waited long time, but CTDP finally brings you the real Formula One-experience for your rFactor. Now you can get the complete Formula One season 2005 a full line of cars: all polished, cleaned and prepared for your race. And that won't be an easy one, but instead you get physics,...