BoarderZone MP3Info 0.12 Build 550

BoarderZone Software Development in Multimedia \ Misc. Audio

The BoarderZone MP3Info application was designed to help you inspect various technical aspects of MP3 files and displays a variety of so called tags which store meta data about the music in the file. In addition, it detects various problems which might prevent players from correctly playing the music in the file. Such problems might include unrecognized data, corrupted audio frames or inconsistent meta data in different tags. The...

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BoarderZone ASN.1 Analyzer 0.12 Build 550 Alpha Leon Poyyayil  Security & Privacy

BoarderZone ASN.1 Analyzer is a Java-based tool made for analyzing the contents of arbitrary ASN.1 files encoded in a BER derived format. The application makes no use of ASN.1 syntax definitions, even data of completely unknown formats can be analyzed, though requiring expert knowledge of ASN.1.

BoarderZone FileBrowser 0.12 Build 550 Alpha BoarderZone Software Development  Misc. Utils.

The BoarderZone FileBrowser application was designed to be a simple tool that can help you browse the local file system on a computer and deal with the files and the contents of those through a set of plugins. A diverse set of plugins is already distributed with the program, providing some nice...

rphpMMS 1.00  MP3 Tools

rphpMMS is a multi-user randomizer/shuffle rating system add-on for use with phpMMS that uses XMMS (mplayer - beta), php, mysql, mp3info, ogginfo, vorbiscomments, and the inetctl plugin for xmms. Support for ices metadata update for internet radio.

BoarderZone ASNalyzer 0.12.550  Encryption Tools

A 100% pure Java Swing ASN.1 analysis utility for inspecting arbitrary BER-encoded data files. It allows inspection of data with unknown structure, can drill down to any nesting level and allows to interpret embedded OCTET STRING data recursively.

Catalogged Media Player: CatalogForm 2.1  MP3 Tools

Large GUI application designed for Sorting, categorizing, and Randomize MP3/WMA play. Uses WM9 SDK, VC6, WinXP. Includes open source pieces: id3lib, MP3Info(for V1 tags), cmdline usage, xShadeButtons to implement a 10ft GUI with remote control support.

MP3Info Shell Extension 0.9 LoSOFT Softwaretechnik  Misc. Multimedia Tools

This is a quite small, but useful extension for the Win NT/Win2k/Win9x shell. It lets you view and edit all relevant information about an MP3 file and its ID3 tag from the files properties dialog in Windows Explorer.