C-Media 8X38X PCI Linux audio driver 1.0

cmedia.sourceforge.net in Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

C-Media 8X38X PCI Linux audio driver

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pcwd linux kernel driver 1.41 pcwd.de  Misc. Utils.

The pcwd is a Linux kernel driver for the Berkshere Products PC Watchdog Card, based on code from Ken Hollis, adding support for the new Rev. C and PCI boards and displaying information in /proc/pcwd. It is free under the GNU Public License.

Media Mixer Removal Tool 1.0 Security Stronghold  Security & Privacy

Somewhile C-Media Mixer is secretly setup on machines in shared or corporative network system with an eye to track other consumers. It is required to remove C-Media Mixer as its malicious occupations overreach further than just monitoring, so perfect removal with the help of a decent removal...

Virtual Sound Card Driver 2.1 virtualsoundcarddriver.com  Maintenance

Virtual/fake audio driver to enhance your physical sound card driver. It also adds an icon on your system tray to let you easily switch among virtual/physical audio cards on Windows7/XP.

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This is a project to implement a Ip-Over-SCSI Linux kernel driver to be used in beowulfs type computers. The intent is to substitute more expensive myranet boards.

Linux VTPlayer Driver 0.4.1 vtplayer.sourceforge.net  Misc. Utils.

The Linux VTPlayer driver project aims at providing a Linux kernel driver for VirTouch's VTPlayer tactile mouse. This driver allows not only the VTPlayer to behave like a regular mouse, but also user-space programs to control VTPlayer's tactile pads.

mos7715 Linux kernel driver 7715. mos7715.sourceforge.net  E-books & Information Databases

This project contains the USB to Combo Serial & Printer port Linux kernel driver for cables using the Moschip MCS7715 chip. It is packaged in a stand-alone form that can be used with older 2.4 and newer 2.6 kernel versions.

Laupluv - The Linux Audio Plugin Vault 1.0 Laupluv  Sound Tools

A database and webfrontend which aims to collect and distribute all Linux Audio Plugins and Virtual Instruments like LADSPA, LV2, DSSI and native Linux-Vst. Plugins can be easily uploaded, shared and commented. Laupluv - The Linux Audio Plugin Vault 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

iSight audio driver 1.0 Lsight  Sound Recording

Audio driver for the Apple iSight web/conferencing camera iSight audio driver 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Lexmark X125 Printer Driver for Linux 0.2.3 x125-linux.sourceforge.net  E-books & Information Databases

C Linux printer driver development for the Lexmark X125 All-in-one printer/scanner/fax.

Maycom N>Trans Linux Driver Development 1.0 Ntrans  Sound Tools

This project will start the development of a Linux device driver for the N>Trans Compactflash audiocard by Maycom Audio Systems.Maycom N>Trans Compactflash Audiocard Linux driver project. Maycom N>Trans Linux Driver Development 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)