CCXI XML Data Island Library 2004

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CCXI XML Data Island Library 2004

Take the Strain off Your Server.The CCXI XML Data Island JavaScript Library and ASP table control allow users to interact with an entire dataset without constantly contacting the server for processing.When you need to display a moderate amount of data and you want to avoid server round trips for operations like paging, sorting and searching, then CCXI makes it simple to set up.The CCXItable control allows you to create a table that binds--on...

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Generic XML Data Binding C++ 1.0 Xmldatabinding  XML/CSS Tools

C++ generic XML data binding library. Uses Xerces-c SAX2 parser to read XML documents and bind data to a memory representation of the XML. Users can use an adapter class to simplify accessing XML data. Generic XML Data Binding C++ 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

Hierarchical Data Light Library 4.0 DlhSoft  Home & Personal

Hierarchical Data Light Library for Silverlight™ 4/WPF 4 contains hierarchical data related Windows® client components, such as tree-grid controls, with increased runtime performance, standard appearance and behavior customizable settings, etc. Main features: -Integrate with...

Simple XML Data Model (SXMLDM) 1.0 Sxmldm  XML/CSS Tools

(SXMLDM) Simple XML Data Model is a simple and flexible open source library for converting between XML and a Data Model Object on Java platform using the Java Collections Framework with full integration SAX. It provides a very easy way to access XML. Simple XML Data Model (SXMLDM) 1.0 License -...

XML data loader 1.0 Xmldataloader  XML/CSS Tools

A Java library to load XML data.Une bibliothque Java permettant de charger des donnes XML. XML data loader 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

xEport - XML Reporting Engine Library 1.0 Xeport  Miscellaneous

C++ Library (with C Interface) for generating reports based on XML data. More complex XML input data (e.g. a table) will be reduced to the simple one (lines, table header, table body, page wrap) using XSL. xEport - XML Reporting Engine Library 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public...

TwinCat XML Data Server 1.0.34 BECKHOFF  Server

The TwinCAT XML Data Server permits direct access to an XML file from the PLC. The values of variables can be read by the PLC or written to the XML file. Access to structures in the PLC is also possible. It is an easy to install and easy to manipulate program.

JiBX 1. 2. 2003 Dennis M. Sosnoski  Misc. Dev. Tools

JiBX is a tool for binding XML data to Java objects. It's extremely flexible, allowing you to start from existing Java code and generate an XML schema, start from an XML schema and generate Java code, or bridge your existing code to a schema that represents the same data. It also provides very...

JiBX - XML Data Binding for Java 1.2.4  Code Management

JiBX is a framework for XML data binding to Java. It works with existing classes, using a flexible mapping definition file to determine how data objects are translated to and from XML. See the Home Page for details and external bug tracking system links.

XmlPlus xsd2cpp : C++ XML Data Binding rc Xmlplus  Misc. Dev. Tools

Provides XML Data Binding for C++ through XML Schema. Features: a) xsd2cpp - generates C++ XML Objects(X/O mapping) b) XML I/O ie. marshalling-unmarshalling(serialization-deserialization) c) roundtrip retains processing instructions and comments xsd2cpp generates the C++...

Yet Another C Data Structures Library 1.0 Yac-datastructs  Components and Libraries

"Yet Another C Data Structures Library" is a project that aims at implementing a simple, fast, portable and memory-leak-free data structures and algorithms to extend the C Standard Library and give more support and abstraction power for developers. Yet Another C Data Structures Library...