cPanel PHP API 0.0.1 in Development \ Components and Libraries

Unnoficial cPanel PHP API for manipulate the cPanel preferences such as Email, Domains, etc This PHP code is based from brendan's cPanel API at

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PHP Diablo3 Armory API 1.0 D3-armory-api  Misc. Games

This will be the home of a Diablo3 PHP API for Just like PHP WoW Armory API. However, before I start this, I would like to get a picture of how many people will use it. I will setup the initial framework, but an actual release will not happen until i have raised a minimum...

php_dmap 1.0 Phpdaap  XML/CSS Tools

A PHP API for parsing and manipulation the Apple's DMAP (Digital Media Access Protocol) and DAAP (Digital Audio Access Protocol) protocol. It supports parsing and using DAAP content-types. Internal DMAP objects can be converted to JSON or XML. php_dmap 1.0 License - GNU General Public...

PHP Download Delivery Confirmation API 1.0  ASP & PHP

Add delivery confirmation capability to your PHP download protection software.Internet fraud is a serious threat to any business that offers digital products. All a customer of one of these businesses needs to do is claim that they never received the item, and with no third-party proof, the...

Postbooks PHP API Package 1.0 Postbooksphpapi  Misc. Inf. Tools

Easy- to-use overloaded PHP 5.x Classes with enhanced Postbooks (xTuple, etc) API. Includes database connector & example code. Postbooks PHP API Package 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

I2: Image Manipulation API 2.1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

I2 is an API for the abstraction of all common image transformations (thumbnailing, scaling, borders, etc) into an XML file. Through a simple PHP API, images can be loaded through such a transformation to generate a modified image.

Quickbooks - PHP API 1.0 Qb-php-api  Finance

.NET QuickBooks API server written in C# that PHP connects to to issue commands to the Quickbooks XML interface. All commands are parsed and the resulting XML is sent back to the PHP class. This is an extremely useful tool to hook up PHP applications (w Quickbooks - PHP API 1.0 License - GNU...

Earnest AI 1.00.13  Science

Earnest is a A PHP-MYSQL AI EXPERT SYSTEM for creating powerful expert system easily. Its simple PHP API can also be called from JAVA, browsers or other software to perform GIS and other comparisons. Also has ability to create XML results.

C Lib OFC Json 1.2  Misc. Dev. Tools

C library to generate json files for Open Flash Chart-2 ( closer as possible to respect the PHP API.

niOBJECTS 1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

niOBJECTS is some kind of ContentManagementSystem/Frontend to a user extendable datamodell/recordset. Providing a nice PHP-API for accessing this stored data and representing it with reasonable runtime behavior to the web-user.

jbilling-php-api 1.2  Misc. Dev. Tools

This is a PHP 5 API wrapper for The Enterprise Open Source Billing solution, jbilling. This wrapper abstracts the native java JBillingAPIFactory to allow full integration with JBilling from PHP.