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Chart2020 DUO is a professional-grade vision testing solution with DUO Personalities: 1. iPad optimized profession-grade vision tests; 2. Controller for Chart2020 (Windows application). Chart2020 DUO is free to download and use with incredible extended-feature add-ins.

As an introductory offer, DUO is a 100% free controller for Chart2020, the premier visual acuity and ocular performance platform (, utilizing gestures and one-touch, hiding docks
-> Wirelessly, synchronously manages Chart2020 functions
-> One-button access to extensive library of tests
(no more FUNC / CTRL / F# key combination memorization)
-> Provide private views of eye test content / answers
(stereo acuity, contrast sensitivity, (e)ETDRS, and ColorDx color vision testing)
-> Adds patient entry fields with iPad simplicity to add and manage patients for Wizard-driven tests, test administration, and reports management
-> Live view of patient monitor
-> Intuitive icons used across both platforms
-> Intuitive gestures for acuity chart Intelligent letter randomization, multiple types of masking / isolation / crowding, as wells as navigation through your test sequences
-> Display of distance media (images, movies, education, marketing)
-> Synchronous drag and drop of test sequence tests
-> Use in multiple exam rooms with unique identities
-> Selective display of rich variety of LogMAR, Sloan compliant optotypes (Konan Kids, tumbling E and C, Low vision, HOTV, Sloan Numbers, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, Greek)
-> + much more (too extensive to post here)

DUO features a new depth of professional visual acuity, patient education, and other vision test features for the Retina iPads. DUO is portable, flexible, powerful, intuitive, and extensible.

FLEX Visual Acuity (add-in V5.5)
Visual Acuity charts are dynamically rendered to user-selected specifications
-> Instant, flexible distance from 0.33 to 6 meters or 14 inches to 20 feet (measurement convention is switch selectable)
-> Instant, flexible Notation systems 20/xx, LogMAR, Decimal, Metric
-> Gesture driven optotype sizing and randomization
-> Gesture driven letter / line highlights
-> Gesture revealed optotype selection tray and chart overlays (masking) single lines (vertical | horizontal), single letter (with red or black crowding bars, or none), and reverse contrast
-> One-touch pop-up magnifier (very useful for smallest letter verification for presbyopic test administrators!)
-> Worlds most complete Sloan specification optotypes: letters, numbers, tumbling E and C, HOTV, Konan Kids pediatric, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and more to come
-> Beautifully rendered optotypes to professional specifications
-> Simple demo for HOTV and pediatric optotype for comprehension assurance

Media Library (add-in V5.4)
-> educational medical media to enhance patient communication
-> professional and patient-friendly
-> eye, eye surgery, and vision topics
-> illustrations
-> videos
-> uses: patient education, augment doctor explanations of eye conditions affecting their patients, maintain young child attention
-> additional media files and options will be available in future releases

Blind Spot Amsler Grid (add-in V5.3)
-> updated version of the standard vision test for assessment of macular disease affected visual dysfunction
> multiple grid types: red, white, black
-> multiple grid options: fixation diagonals, high resolution central grid
-> exclusive Blind Spot Amsler from Dr. Terrace Waggoner
-> simple and intuitive finger traced marking
-> intuitive controls for erase, eye select and save
-> reporting either through Chart2020 (patient driven PDF), or on the iPad as labeled images.

Watch this space for more to come (HINT additional vision functions including ColorDx color vision diagnostics).


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