ChaseRace is the world's first strategy racing game (Free Edition) 1.2.1

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ChaseRace is the world's first strategy racing game (Free Edition) Download

Chase Race is the world's first strategy racing game where you can win iTunes Gifts Cards, with which you can buy items in the AppStore. There is no luck in the game, and racing cars drive by a patented formula that simulates reality. When you run the race in real time mode, you are racing against six real people around the world who you can chat with and share race strategies. Your rank grows with your driving skills. One day you may become the world champion and win a very nice prize.

When completed driving school, you must pass the driving test to obtain your racing license. Then you can participate in the many different daily racing where you can win prizes. You start as a NoviceRacer, upgrades you to RookieRacer, then to be TraineeRacer, and furthermore to be a Driver. When you have been really good and win many races, so you can be ProDriver and finally achieve the highest status in Chase Race, namely ChaseRacer. Once you are ChaseRacer, you can participate in the World Championship.

Join our:
1,440 daily Team Races and win prizes.
288 daily free tournaments and win prizes.
Private rooms race and win prizes.
Private rooms race for fun when you win the Chase Credits, which you need for your level upgrades and coupon purchase.
World Championship, where only the best driver wins that since neither chance nor luck in the game.

To play you must be connected to the Internet, either via a hotspot or a mobile connection.

The Players:
Builds race tracks in collaboration, so there are never two identical paths.
Changes tires, repair motor and thoughts in the pit stops.
Designs racing car-driving characteristics in their garage with our strategy pieces: GAFs (gear action and fuel).
Winner rankings in the Hall of Fame, which triggers prizes for the best drivers.
Design new GAFs for ChaceRace and get 30% commission on the sale of its GAF in the AppStore, if it is approved and released in our GAF Store.
Chatting with each other in our room lobby.
Set a new sector and lap records and win lots of Chase Credits.

We look forward to receive your suggestions and improvements that we constantly and continually will read and comment on our news platform, both in our app, but also on our website. Welcome to the world's first strategy racing game.

Top In-App Purchases:

Spare Engine
Extra Turn
Turbo Speed
Turbo Brake
Reserve Tank
Double Turn
Remove Curb
Weather GAF
Turn & Gear Shift

This free version of ChaseRace contains third party Advertisements. Please see our privacy policy for additional information.

Message for Parents:
Advertising of ChaseRace products and products from our partners occurs in the game.
It is possible to make In-App purchases, and there shall we kindly ask that bill payer always are consulted before hand.


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