Chemical Engineering Magazine 2.0.22

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Chemical Engineering Magazine 2.0.22

ABOUT US Chemical Engineering magazine is the world's leading publication covering all aspects of the engineering technology used by the chemical process industries (CPI). Published for more than 100 years, Chemical Engineering provides a timely mix of technical news reporting and practical, expert information on all aspects of the chemical engineering practice. ABOUT THIS APP This is not just a magazine app its a CONTENT app. It combines...

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EquationsPro 7.0 ChemEng Software Design  Reference Tools

EquationsPro is a chemical engineering,mathematical and chemistry program. Software suitable for chemistry,chemical engineering students and professionals. Solves 500+ chemical/electrical/civil/mechcanical engineering,design,distillation, physics, and mathematical equations. Contains 200+ unit...

Chemical Engineering by WAGmob 3.0 WagMob  Reference

* * * * * WAGmob: An app platform for learning, teaching and training is offering 50% DISCOUNT for a limited time only. Download today!!! * * * * * WAGmob brings you Simple 'n Easy, on-the-go learning app for "Chemical Engineering". The app provides: 1. Snack sized chapters for...

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Welcome to Electrical Engineering's app for iOS and Android. Over the last half century Electrical Engineering Magazine has evolved and grown with the market sector it serves and continues to be one of the leading journals in its field. Electrical Engineering's editorial content consists of a...

HW's Che101 - Chemical Engineering 4.3.0 Walczak and Walczak LLC  Education

Chemical Engineering 101 app has over 60 pages of calculations and useful topics. It can be used as reference for an engineering student or quick review for someone in the field. The program currently has information on areas including: Bernoulli equation, orifice, pressure drop, Pumps, Ideal Gas...

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Make keeping up with the latest chemistry news effortless with C&EN Mobile for iPhone and iPad. Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) is a weekly magazine published by the American Chemical Society. C&EN delivers the latest news from the entire chemistry world, including research,...

DataPro 7.0 ChemEng Software Design  Miscellaneous

DataPro is a chemical data source program. Software suitable for chemistry,chemical engineering students and professionals.Contains information on 3000+ chemical compounds,allows predition of chemical compound properties,critical constants, thermodynamic properties,gas&liquid diffusivitiy...

ChemE Numerical Library 0.0.1  Science

ChemE aims to be a library for performing analytical operations specific to chemical engineering.

ChemProV  Parenting Tools

ChemProV is a tool used by chemical engineering students to solve material balance problems. The project is maintained by Washington State University. For more information on how to install ChemProV, please visit the project's website.

OptControlCentre 1.0  Code Management

The OptControlCentre (OCC) is an user-friendly software package for the optimization of dynamic systems in energy and chemical engineering. Optimization methods include SQP methods as well as a stochastic approach using Simulated Annealing.

OpSim - Open Source Process Simulator 32  Misc. Dev. Tools

This project regards an open source based Chemical Engineering Process Simulator with an user friendly drag-drop graphical user interface (GUI) and an underlying high performance simulation engine.