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The Classical Text Editor was designed to enable scholars working on a critical edition or on a text with commentary or translation to prepare a camera-ready copy or electronic publication without bothering much about making up and page proofs.


The Classical Text Editor was designed to enable scholars working on a critical edition or on a text with commentary or translation to prepare a camera-ready copy or electronic publication without bothering much about making up and page proofs.

Its features, formed in continuous discussion with editors using the program, meet the practical needs of the scholar concerning text constitution, entries to different apparatus and updating them when the text has been changed, as well as creating and redefining sigla.

The possibility to search for and visualise manuscript constellations may be of considerable help in detecting affiliations between sources. It is the primary purpose of the Classical Text Editor to do the automatable work which consumes so much time and energy, and let the scholar concentrate on scientific issues.

Main features:
- Publication in book form

- PDF documents
- Camera-ready copies

- Digital publication

- XML export (according to the TEI standard)
- HTML export
- Additional XML and HTML tagging is possible.

- Specialised notes/apparatus

- Any number of notes and apparatus
- Critical apparatus features:
- Text references
- Line numbers
- Indexing of recurring words
- Marking of references that need attention because the corresponding text was changed
- Apparatus indicating available sources
- Numbered footnotes in many numbering styles
- Double footnotes
- Notes as running text or as separate paragraphs
- Notes as footnotes / end notes / section end notes / notes to appear as footnotes, but within the text at section ends

- Critical edition support

- Sigla
- Freely definable sigla and group sigla for manuscripts, editions or any constellation of text witnesses.
- Sigla shapes can always be altered
- Group sigla are applied automatically
- Search for constellations of manuscripts etc.
- No longer used manuscripts can be deleted globally.
- Currently available text sources can be printed for each page.
- Full source text retrieval from critical apparatus
- Collation functionality: merging of different apparatus to one text
- Validation of critical apparatus for citations of missing sources
- Validation of positive apparatus for completeness
- Export of variants for subgroups of sources
- Export of variants data for use with cladistic software (computer-aided stemmatology)

- Working with the CTE

- Fully graphical surface - no coding
- Languages, characters, scripts:
- Unicode: all script systems in a coherent technical standard
- Right-to-left and bidirectional text
- Support for complex scripts such as Arabic and Indic
- Built in keyboards for many scripts, freely expansible
- Kashida justification for Arabic text
- OpenType: the CTE is the first Windows word processor to provide access to advanced typography.
- Sophisticated system of paragraph and font format templates for quickly formatting and re-formatting a document
- Edit mode for optimal usage of screen space
- Print preview
- Automatic and assisted manual hyphenation
- Cross-references to page or chapter and line
- Embedding of graphics
- Linking and embedding of objects (e.g. Word graphics)
- Quick formatting by ruler, toolbar and the Format Tool window
- Searching and replacing text and formats, including powerful regular expression searches and group replacement
- Graphics viewer - for working with digitised sources
- Keyboard-shortcuts for frequently used commands
- Freely definable autotext for often-used text modules
- Recordable macros
- Extensible menu for inclusion of macros
- Customizable transliteration (Greek, Arabic, Devanagari...)
- Drag&Drop
- AutoRecover function

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