Game Collector 2.0.2 in Games \ Gaming Tools Game Collector 2.0.2

Catalog your games in a database automatically. Just type the game title or type/scan its barcode to download all data from various sources on the internet (like Amazon), including title, publisher, developer, platform, genre and the cover image. Use the integrated TWAIN support to scan cover images directly into the program. Browse your collection by genre, publisher, platform, etc... or use the Thumbnail View to view your cover images. Sort...

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PHP Mp3 DB Tool  Misc. Dev. Tools

A simplistic program to convert a ASCII file (obtained from mp3 collector or similar program) to MySQL format, insert it in database and run reports from a web based engine, supports streaming of single mp3s and full albums.

OpenXcom 32  Strategy

OpenXcom is an open-source reimplementation of the original X-Com game by Microprose.

GaCoDa 1.0 Gacoda  Misc. Dev. Tools

GaCoDa (Game Collector's Database System) is a web application to manage computer and video game colellection and to gather information about computer and video games. GaCoDa 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Rainbow Fish x SimSimi 1.1 jisiklog  Games

SimSimi went fishing! Touch fish in Rainbow order - Red, yellow, green, blue, purple - and black. Now you can enjoy game "Rainbow Fish" on Play Store! Highschool Developers Studio. - Game/Graphic designer : So Young You - Developer : Kyeung Hyeon Kim Photo Collector 1.1.7  Graphic Viewers

Catalog your digital photo files automatically, just let Photo Collector scan your harddisk for images. Acquire images directly from your camera or removable media (memory cards). Catalog photos by Location, Event, Category, Subject, Keywords, etc... then browse the photo album to view images and...

Lotobin 1.2 NI Software  Misc. Games

The emulator of nowadays already closed online casino Game supports a sound, remembers players and the sums won by them, shows their rating. Game is issued much better the original! Game rules: Before you of 9 closed cells. In 4 from them are hidden "1", in the others -...

MZ Manager 2.4.003 Code Construction ApS  Games

MzManager is a tool to get the best out of the game. Main features: - Track the training progress of your players and know when they are bout to gain an extra ball. - Determine the optimal training path for each player. - See per player at what position on the field they...

Spinner the Space Kid 32.0 Nick Jr. Arcade/Glbz  Games

It's an exclusive game with out-of-this-world excitement just for little kids. Spinner needs to catch Mrs. Twinkle's offspring. And that will take some asteroid-hopping. Fly to ten planets, and then run and hop through mazes to catch these fast little guys. After you do,...

World of Padman - Gamecode 1.0 Wop-gamecode  Misc. Games

Sourcecode up until version 1.2 of the "World of Padman" game ( Game logic (QVM) only. World of Padman - Gamecode 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

PseudoQuest Client 1.0 Pqclient  Gaming Tools

PseudoQuest client is a wrapper for the game, primarily intended to provide extra functionality for the game than a standard browser. PseudoQuest Client 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0