Color Picker 1.0

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Color Picker 1.0

Color picker is a freeware it will Grab codes of any Color on your computer easier than ever. This is useful software and you can pick up any color codes very easy with Color picker. Just clicking "drag me" button and showing color which you needed, you can get codes of chosen color as RGB Hex, RGB HTML or RGB Dec codes. So this is very useful easy small software for your desktop for catch colors.

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Screen Ruler 2D 1.16 Infonautics GmbH  Misc. Graphics

Screen Ruler 2D is a ruler for the desktop which measures in 2 dimensions (horizontal and vertical). Furthermore, an integrated color picker shows the color under the selected corner mark in different color systems and the window information panel provides technical information about the...

SwatchAble 1.0.0 Beta MacHouse  Misc. Graphics

SwatchAble lets is an intuitive software for creating swatch collections using one's custom images. Users only need to select Pixel Scan > Open Image to open their graphic file and scan it for color values, then give the swatch a relevant name. After this, any of the collections can be...

Cyyok Color Picker 2.6 Cyyok  Misc. Graphics

Pick color from Screen in multiple color format, Clip mode and save as BMP,Excel or text file. 1.Pick Color as HTML RGB Delphi format 2.Paste color values or color drawing 3.Save colors to BMP,Excel,Text file 4.Offer screen magnifier 5.Value can be fine-tuning the color palette

Capture Assistant 1.5 Renovation Software  Misc. Utils.

Capture Assistant is the most convenient and easy to use text and graphics capture tool.It allows you to capture:- text- font information (font face, size and color)- passwords hidden behind asterisks- graphics- color of any pixel on screenCapture Assistant helps to save your time and increases...

DoRuler 1.0.0 Beta MacHouse  Misc. Graphics

DoRuler is a simple desktop ruler that allow the user to measure the distance between two arbitrary points. The colors used within software can be easily customized, to ensure the best visibility for any image. It also allows the user to get the pixel color (hexadecimal form and RGB form) at a...

Color Seizer 2.07 Alex Nolan  Misc. Dev. Tools

Picks colours from the screen or the colour dialog and displays them in different formats such as HTML, Delphi, Visual Basic, C++, RGB and HSL. A color tool for programmers that allows you to pick a color from anywhere on the screen. Colours selected or picked are displayed in HTML, Delphi,...

indoition Hotkey Script Collection 2013 indoition publishing e.K.  Text

If you write lots of text, this little tool will make you more productive. Unlike macros that are programmed for a specific application - such as Microsoft Word macros - the scripts of the Script Collection work in all Windows programs. Enter special characters easily, such as language-specific...

The Color Picker 1.0  Web Design Tools

The Color Picker enables you to pick your favorite colors from anywhere on your screen. Colors can then be added to a palette and saved for later use. The program supports color code in RGB and HEX, and you can easily copy the color code to the clipboard.

ColorMania 4.0 Blacksun Software  Photographic Adjustment

ColorMania is a extended colorpicker with an eyedropper component and a screen magnifier. ColorMania lets you easily select and modify colors. It's the ideal tool for website and application developers. You can pick colors from anywhere on your screen and interactively change the RGB and HSV...

Rainbowpicker 0.6.1 Toad King  Misc. Network

Rainbowpicker is an extension for Firefox / SeaMonkey / Thunderbird that helps you easily choose a color. Rainbowpicker is an useful application that provides an easy to use interface, where you can pick your favorite color.