Comag Channel List Editor 1.0

Comaglisteditor in Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

A replacement for the crude closed-source channel list editor for the Comag PVR2/100CI (aka Silvercrest SL80/2 100CI aka Silvercrest SL250/2 100CI aka Boca PVR2/100CI aka Digital M100/2CI) digital satellite receiver and hard disk recorder Comag Channel List Editor 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

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Quali-TV Channel List Editor 1.0 Qcle  Misc. Dev. Tools

The Quali-TV Channel List Editor is a Win32 application for manipulating and storing the channel lists of the Quali-TV QS1080IR and QS1080IRCI high-definition satellite receivers. Quali-TV Channel List Editor 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Channelger 1.0.1 BitManSoft  Hobbies

Channelger is a powerful channel list editor for such formats as ProgDVB and Enigma2. Simple interface and unique features make it the leader among similar programs. The program supports editing, importing from Internet and converting the general channel list and favorite lists. It is the first...

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RitzDVB phpBB Group  Multimedia

Completely new redesigned Channel list in Main window and EPG . Completely new redesigned Channel editor . Channel logos can now easily assigned/imported/updated inside the Channel editor The new Grouping feature allows for simple deleting of whole Channel-Groups The Channel type (TV, radio,...

SamsChannelEditor Ivan Masmitja  Hobbies

SamsChannelEditor is a desktop application for editing a channel list from your Samsung TV. Now sorting channels should be much easier. Support Samsung C and D Series. Works with scm files directly. Support for multiple channels configurations: map-AirD map-AirA map-CableD map-CableA map-SateD...

ChanSort 2013-04-03 Horst Beham  Misc. Network

ChanSort is a handy and easy to use application that can assist you in sorting and filtering your TV channel list using the computer. ChanSort is compatible with Samsung TVs and LG TV models that were released after 2010. You can use it to re-order and rename channels, create favorites lists, as...

EPG Record 0.9.1  Video Players

This is a perl-gtk application to get a channel list from a dvb card, display it, and allow complex filtering of view. It also has extensive multi-channel recording capabilities based on the EPG display shown

SArulesUpdater 2007.11.19  Mail

Update rules of spamassassin with a channel list

laplaya-todo 1.0 Laplaya-todo  Reminders

A todo list editor that is simple (no date handling) but very usable (skins, optional javascript). It can be nicely connected to Mozilla Sunbird/Lightning by the iCal format (rfc2445). laplaya-todo 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Instrument list editor Michael Brick  Misc. Multimedia Tools

This tool is an "add on" for the MIDI applications RMCA Realtime MIDI Chord Arranger Pro and MIDI Auto-Accompaniment Section. These programs work with different instrument lists to transfer patches and controllers in GM- GS- or XG-mode. Instrument list editor helps with editing existing...