Complete Roll Playing Game Engine 0.1 in Games \ Misc. Games

The Complete Roll Playing Game Engine is an engine that can be used to create roll playing games. It includes programs to build characters, monsters, and worlds. cRPGe currently uses the AD&D rules set.

Related Software

PaulRPG Game Engine 16.03.2002  Role Playing

PaulRPG: A free role playing game engine, to enable people to create free "Final Fantasy" style games. The data file formats are reasonably cross-platform supportable, they would just need an interpreter for the different platforms.

DraongRoot: Role-Playing game engine 1.0 Dragonroot  Misc. Games

DragonRoot is a game engine designed to support 3D Role-Playing games. DraongRoot: Role-Playing game engine 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Rune Keepers 1.0 Runekeepers  Misc. Games

Rune Keepers will be a story-driven Roll Playing Game made for educational purpose. The base language of the game will be french, but translations will be provided. We will use Ogre 3D has our rendering engine, NxOgre for physical simulation, FmodEX. Rune Keepers 1.0 License - GNU General...

Ultima Realidad - RPG Development Engine 1.0 Ultima-realidad  Misc. Games

Roll Playing Game development environment, made with PyGame, Ogre, wxPython. Ultima Realidad - RPG Development Engine 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Cide Java RPG Engine 1.0  Role Playing

A role playing game engine in Java along with necessary design tools to allow even beginner game designers to start into the world of game development and design. Based loosely on early Final Fantasy engines with enchancements.

IT-HE RPG Engine 1.0  Role Playing

IRE is a tile-based Computer Role-Playing Game engine based on Ultima 6, but with an emphasis on customisation and cross-platform support. Everything is controlled using scripts.

Mobile RPG Engine rc  Role Playing

This is a 2d tile-based RPG (Role Playing Game) engine targetted at the J2ME / MIDP application platforms (PDAs, java-enabled cellphones) but is also cabable of running on a J2SE enabled platform (either applet or stand alone java app).

Asplosion RPG Engine 1.0 Asplosion  Misc. Games

Asplosion RPG Engine is a command-line RPG (role-playing game) engine. Unlike other rogue-like game (such as Nethack), Asplosion focuses on party-based gameplay. Asplosion RPG Engine 1.0 License - BSD License

PaulMORPG 1.0  Role Playing

An online text-based role playing game engine. similar to MUDs and online worlds.

phpRPG 0.8.0  Strategy

phpRPG is a multiplayer role playing game engine driven by PHP and MySQL, with aims to develop a web-based game engine which shares common qualities between multiple user dungeons (MUDs), paper & pen RPGs and computer RPGs.