Creative Nomad II, IIc, MG KDE ioslave 0.1 in Multimedia \ MP3 Tools

This KDE ioslave lets you access your Creative Nomad II, IIc and MG mp3 player in a comfortable way by integrating it into the Konqueror file manager. It allows you to copy your mp3s to or from your player within Konqueror.

Related Software

Nomad II Voice Format (NVF) Tools 0.1  Audio Converters

NVFTools is a set of utilities for convertingNomad II Voice Format (NVF) files as found on Creative Nomad II,IIc and II MG MP3 players to and from standard audio file formats.

Nomad II Driver/Library/App 2.0.3.alpha3  MP3 Tools

The target of this project is the development of a Linux Kernel Driver for using the Creative Nomad II Mp3 Portable Player under systems using Linux as OS. Also, the development of a C/C++ library to develop applications that use the device.

Gnomadic 0.11  MP3 Tools

An graphical application primarily to transfer mp3s from a computer to the Creative Nomad II/c device. It will allow these mp3s to be re-encoded using LAME to the desired bitrate. It is written in C++ and uses Gtkmm, libmp3lame.

Creative Nomad JukeBox KIO::Slave b.0.2.4  MP3 Tools

A KDE ioslave for the Creative Nomad JukeBox MP3 player. The NJB appears as a filesystem from within Konqueror allowing mp3s to be copied to and from the NJB as usual. Playlists appear as text files and can be edited.

Creative NOMAD/Zen/Dell DJ API b.2.2.7  MP3 Tools

Provide a user-level API (C library) for communicating with the Creative NOMAD Jukebox MP3 players and Dell DJs under Linux, *BSD and Windows. The protocol in question is colloquially known as "PDE" (Portable Digital Entertainment). It includes simple

Neutrino - Nomad Jukebox management 0.8.4  MP3 Tools

Neutrino is a GNOME based GUI for managing your Creative Nomad / DAP Jukeboxes, support for accessing jukeboxes themselves is provided by libnjb. Access to jukeboxes for other applications is provided via a CORBA interface.

Nomad Jukebox File System for Linux 0.2.1  MP3 Tools

The Nomad Jukebox File system njbfs is a Linux file system for the Creative Nomad Jukebox. Using automount capability, you can 'cd' to your Nomad Jukebox, read and write tracks, and even ordinary files can be stored on your Jukebox.

KNJB - Nomad Jukebox KIO slave 1.0 Knjb  Audio Players

A KIO slave to access the Creative Nomad Jukebox KNJB - Nomad Jukebox KIO slave 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

kioclucene 0.1.0  Misc. Utils.

kio-clucene is a kde ioslave for clucene, a c++ implementation of lucene, a full-featured text search engine library. It gives any kde-application a friendly access to searching content of files inside directories, archives, and manyvirtual file systems

Linux driver for CPiA webcams 1.3.1  File & Disk Management

We provide Linux drivers for webcams based on the popular Vision VLSI CPiA chipset, including the Creative WebCam II. Both parport and USB is supported.