cryptmount 4.3 in Security & Privacy \ Encryption Tools

cryptmount 4.3

cryptmount allows management and user-mode mounting of encrypted filing systems on GNU/Linux systems. Filesystems & crypto-swap can be on either raw block devices or ordinary files, with device-mapper (dm-crypt) and loopback devices setup automatically.

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dm-cryptMount 0.1b Cmount  Misc. Utils.

These are scripts, that can be used to mount, umount and mkfs on files over the loop-device using dm-crypt for encryption. dm-cryptMount 0.1b License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

autocryptfs 1.0 Autocryptfs  Misc. Utils.

A set of UNIX scripts and tools to mount an encrypted container automatically and transparently on demand and retrieve the password from either: GUI, console or some keyring. Keywords: autofs cryptsetup luks cryptoloop cryptmount, gnome-keyring autocryptfs 1.0 License - GNU General Public...