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CyberLink Live is a liberating force for your on-the-go digital lifestyle, making your files and home entertainment accessible from anywhere in the world. Remotely access photos, live and recorded TV shows, webcams, videos, music, and documents stored at home from any web-enabled device. New support for iPhone and Windows Mobile 6 now lets you be even more mobile.
CyberLink Live is Compatible with More Devices
* NEW Access media using your iPhone or Windows Mobile 6 device: Music, photos, live TV, webcam and more, can be streamed to your iPhone, cell phone, PDA, or other mobile gadget. Media streamed using CyberLink Live (photos, music, live TV) is optimized to deliver the best possible experience and quality.
* DLNA Support: Access all your DLNA certified products at home from anywhere you are. Today, many of the world’s leading consumer electronic products are being DLNA Certified™ for interoperability. While on the road using CyberLink Live, you can access all your DLNA-certified products with one unified interface.
* Remote Download Browser Plug-in Pack: Lets you download files stored on your home PC from anywhere in the world.
* CyberLink Live Add-Ons & Plug-Ins: The CyberLink Live Gadget allows photos to be displayed in a series of slideshows and music to be played from an audio library located on your home PC. There are 3 versions to choose from: Google Desktop, Windows Vista, and Yahoo! Widgets.
Remotely Access Live TV, Photos, Music, Videos from your Home PC with NEW CyberLink Live 3!
* Ubiquitous access: Turn your home PC into your very own media and document bank. Access your contents fast and securely from any web-enabled device, anywhere you are.
* Live TV Programs: Catch up on your local shows wherever you are staying, or record them to enjoy them later all in high-quality streaming video. Never miss an important sports match or live event again.
* Your Global Office: Direct access to the documents on your home PC allows you to view, download and even edit your data when on-the-go.
* Anywhere Videos, Photos and Music: Tired of the small storage space on your mobile devices? With CyberLink Live, it’s no sweat in accessing your home PC.


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