DB Copy Eclipse Plugin 0.1.8

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Migrate data from any database to another with just selecting visually the desired tables in the source database (any database type supported by JDBC) and hit one button to complete it. New tables will be automatically created in the target database.

Related Software

SQuirreL DB Copy Plugin 1.0 dbcopyplugin.sourceforge.net  Misc. Dev. Tools

DB Copy Plugin is a plugin for the SQuirreL SQL Client (1.2beta6 and 2.0 RC1+) that allows copying database objects (schema def and data) from one session window to another. The sessions can be disparate database vendors (Oracle -> MySQL, for instance).

CopyAsPath Eclipse Plugin 1.0.0 copyaspath.sourceforge.net  Misc. Dev. Tools

CopyAsPath is an Eclipse plugin that enables to copy the path of a file or directory to the Clipboard by right-clicking it in the navigator view and choosing "Copy as Path" from the context menu.

Easy Shell 1.4.1 Marcel Schoen & Andre Bossert  Misc. Dev. Tools

Easy Shell provides you with a lightweight and simple Eclipse plugin that enables you to open shell and explorer windows and copy their path. With the help of Easy Shell, you can also run files within the opened shell windows. Additionally, it allows you to enable string tokenizers and perform...

Hibernate ORM XML Validator for Eclipse PreAlpha Tapti Palit  Misc. Dev. Tools

Hibernate ORM XML Validator for Eclipse was created as a small and useful Eclipse plugin that can help you validate Hibernate files against @Entity files. Hibernate ORM XML Validator for Eclipse is built to monitor all the Java classes with the @Entity annotation. Furthermore, the plugin can be...

Eclipse Jetty 3.5.0 Manfred Hantschel, Christian Koeberl  Misc. Dev. Tools

Eclipse Jetty was created as an accessible and open source Eclipse plugin that allows you to debug / run Java apps with Jetty. Now, you can use this handy plugin to launch a Jetty server directly from the Eclipse environment.

Eclipse Regular Expression Tester 1.3 Stephan Brosinski  Misc. Dev. Tools

Eclipse Regular Expression Tester was developed as a small Eclipse plugin that can help you search and test regular expressions. The plugin comes with a polished and accessible user interface that lets you access every function directly from the keyboard.

Copy Data Plugin 3.0.3979 Old Man Biking's SportTracks Plugins  Home & Personal

Copy Data Plugin provides "Copy" and "Paste" actions that let you copy activities, routes, categories and equipment items within one logbook and from one logbook to another, even from one PC to another. When you copy an item, all referenced items are copied as well. This...

Antrunner4E Eclipse-Plugin 1.2.0 wikihost.org  Misc. Dev. Tools

Antrunner4e is an eclipse-plugin that inserts a contextmenue item to start a antfile with the current file or directoryname as input.This provides an easy way to execute actions like compiling the current file, transfer by ftp, execute sql and so on.

Astyle Eclipse plugin 200610192129 astyleclipse.sourceforge.net  Misc. Dev. Tools

Artistic Style Eclipse Plugin for formatting C/C++ source files, it aims to be used for CDT environment

C4J Eclipse Plugin 0.1.1 c4jplugin.sourceforge.net  Misc. Dev. Tools

This project aims at developing an Eclipse plugin for the Design by Contract library provided by the c4j project. It helps Eclipse developers to maintain their contracts together with their Java classes.