DBGallery: The Photo Database System 3.0

GRR Systems, Inc. in Multimedia \ Misc. Multimedia Tools

Take control of your photo collection! DBGallery is loaded with professional features and has a photo database foundation. Explore your photo collection via logical views (by year and month, camera, exposure, keywords, etc.) or physical view (folders). Search for photos by keywords, camera data (Exif data) and IPTC / XMP data. Build collections of events, weddings, vacations, and other categories. It includes eMail and Website generation, used...

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DBGallery: Photo DATAbase System 4.2 GRR Systems, Inc.  Misc. Multimedia Tools

Still using folders to organize your photos? Explore your photo collection via logical views...year, camera, exposure, keywords. Find photos by keywords, camera data (Exif data) and IPTC/XMP data(author, headline, city, copyright, etc) . See photos on a map by GeoTagging photo's via simple drag...

Memory Database System Demo 1.0 MemDB Technology Company  Misc. Inf. Tools

This demo shows you the performance of the memory database system of the database engine developed by MemDB.

Kodak s1220 Photo Scanning System 3 6 EASTMAN KODAK Company  Utilities

The KODAK s1220 Photo Scanning System is a rapid batch scanning system, which accepts photos into an automatic feeder, quick scans them and then passes the images to the PC. Both sides of the photos or documents are scanned at the same time. This feature can be useful for capturing handwriting,...

Approximate XML Database System 1.0 aaftx.sourceforge.net  Database

An XML Database System for Full-Text Approximate Queries with Ranked Answers

DirList User Database System 2.9 dirlist.sourceforge.net  Database

DirList is a user database system for POSIX-compliant systems and can be administered with the DirList ODBC driver and the sample Microsoft Access database. Casual users can access a DirList system through the CGI web interface.

Distributed Database System 0.3 distdatasys.sourceforge.net  Database

Design & implementation of a distributed database system with: data replication, robustness, increase of performance and robustness as a result of distribution, independent view of local resources (locally stored data). For now only a subset of SQL.

Emacs Photo Database b.0.5 ephotodb.sourceforge.net  Misc. Dev. Tools

Emacs Photo Database provides functions to manage a collection of photographic films, negatives, and prints stored in a SQL database. It is targeted at fine-art photographers and other people who use a wet-process workflow instead of digital imaging.

jdb: the j database system b.0.2.alpha jasondb.sourceforge.net  Misc. Dev. Tools

jDB is a small, lightweight, easily embeddable into other applications database system that has a console frontend to use to manage your own personal data, and a CGI frontend to administer and use remote databases through the web.

Q&A Database System b.0.5.5 pqadb.sourceforge.net  Database

Question and answer database system, originally used to track online trivia game. Easily modifiable perl script, useful perhaps for lightweight knowledgebase system.

Scalable, distributed database system 1.0 sqmd.sourceforge.net  Misc. Utils.

The project focuses on building a scalable distributed database system over software based virtualization environments.