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This is a command line utility to resolve DNS requests via a SOCKS tunnel like Tor. Features: Provides anonymous DNS for any Windows application in combination with Tor This way you can force Opera or Internet Explorer (examples) to use Tor for all communication New V1.3 can also be compiled and used on Linux or other *nix variants

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Super Network Tunnel Networktunnel Inc  Internet

Super Network Tunnel is a professional http tunnel solution,include client/server,it equal SocksCap+Bidirectional Http Tunnel +Remote Control. Normally used in building a network tunnel between the home and office computer,it's alias name is home2office. It creates a real privately owned...

PortImport 2.0.6 NetworkActiv Software  Misc. Network

Easily create a fault-tolerant network tunnel to back-end machines having no direct inbound access. Connect to multiple TCP and UDP ports on secured remote systems by having just one of them make a single TCP connection outbound. Intermix IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and interfaces as needed, enabling...

SocsCap64 1.0 Taro Lab  Remote Tools

SocksCap64 is an freeware developed by Taro. SocksCap64 is an easy and a beautiful way to let the programs you want to work through a specific SOCKS proxy server, even if your applications don't have such an option. It allows you to use different proxies for different programs and make a launch...

Barracuda Proxy 1.4 Real Time Logic  Remote Tools

BdProxy - SOCKS, HTTP, and HTTPS Proxy Server. The BdProxy acts as a SOCKS, HTTP, and HTTPS proxy server. The proxy allows you to use your Internet applications anonymously, despite firewalls. The BdProxy is a free and complementary BarracudaDrive product. The BdProxy client connects and...

EasyVOST 0.3.2 hosungs  Misc. Internet

EasyVOST is a GUI frontend (written in Java) for a VNC connection over an SSH tunnel. By invoking plink.exe and vncviewer.exe with command line options, EasyVOST simplifies the SSH tunnel configuration and streamlines the whole VNC connection process.

Steganos Secure VPN 1.1.2 Steganos GmbH  Misc. Utils.

Public Hotspots and WLANs represent an ideal solution for business travelers and sales representatives. An increasing number of airports, hotels, cafdoTes and train stations provide wireless access to the Internet. <b> Features</b> Encrypted data Tunnel to the Internet Creates a 128...

Octopus Unleashed 0.1.0 AYF  Components and Libraries

Utility that takes advantage of multiple network adapters and alternates connections between them, by acting as a socks proxy for any program use.

proxyTunnelGUI Portable 01.00 Denmas Arhyf  Misc. Network

Based on Tunnelier and Proxifier, proxyTunnelGUI Portable is a handy and reliable tool for HTTP tunneling. It provides 6 SSH client profiles and 5 mode tunnels. After loading the desired profile, just press the 'Start' button to intitiate the connection.

Cntlm for Windows 0.92.1 David Kubicek  Network Monitors

Cntlm (user-friendly wiki / technical manual) is an NTLM / NTLM Session Response / NTLMv2 authenticating HTTP proxy intended to help you break free from the chains of Microsoft proprietary world. You can use a free OS and honor our noble idea, but you can't hide. Once you're behind those cold...

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Do you feel like playing free breakout game? Strike Ball 3 takes Breakout games to explosive heights with spectacular graphics and outrageous animation! Featuring levels in which a tank tries to fend off attacking aliens, a robot fires eye-popping laser bursts at swarming androids and the player...