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So, you like DOS programs because they're fast, easy to use and kinda "classy"?

Well, then maybe you would like to check out our classic file manager DCC.


So, you like DOS programs because they're fast, easy to use and kinda "classy"?

Well, then maybe you would like to check out our classic file manager DCC.

The first version, which was developed 1992, was one of the first file managers with full support for archivers like PkZip and Lha. Over the past few years a lot of new and useful features have been added to this utility - thanks to the feedback and suggestions of it's users.
Basically, DCC is your everyday tool for handling files, archives and directories.
With it's intuitive two-windows display you can easily copy, move, rename or files on your harddrives, network drives or removable disks.

And the best part: DCC supports Windows 98's long file names and the recycle bin.

No more 8.3 filenames. Use long file names for your files and directories when running DCC under Windows 95/98/2000 - either in full screen mode or within an program window.

Oops, you accidentally deleted a file with DCC? No big deal. An optional switch in the configuration menu enables DCC's support of the Windows Recycle Bin, allowing you to retrieve accidentally deleted files in a snap. A special file system monitoring program keeps track of all the changes in the file and directory structure in the multitasking environment of Windows - your file windows are up-to-date all the time.
List of Features

* Classic dos-based file manager
* Two view panels with different modes (file/tree/info)
* Full support to create or edit popular archive formats
* Built-in viewer for text and graphic files
* Ascii and Hex-Editor for files up to 16GB
* Extended file search
* Support of long file names when running under Windows95/98
* optional support of the Windows Recycle Bin
* file monitoring tool
* "Smart change directory" for fast access to all directories
* Directory synchronisation for keeping your files up-to-date
* Extensive system information
* Built in terminal for analogue modems
* Support for user defined scripts and dialogues

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