Datawasp Database Manager 1.1.0

Significant Data Systems Ltd in Business \ Applications

A very-easy-to-use, networked, database manager. For when a regular database is too much trouble and spreadsheet is not up to the job. All the power of a regular database but presented in the style of a spreadsheet.Little or no training is required to create database solutions using the spread sheet style interface. Data is modelled hierarchically and the default interface simply mirrors the hierarchical structure of the database. Altering the...

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SQLite3 database manager 5.2 Ivan Sivak - SOFTWARE  Misc. Dev. Tools

SQLite3 database manager. Development tool for managing all database objects. SQL builder. Export schema and data to InterBASE, Firebird and other databases.

OpenGate Database Manager - Evaluation 1.0 OpenGate Software Inc.  Utilities

OpenGate's Database Manager for Microsoft Access helps you inventory and manage your Access databases from a central location with ease. OpenGate Database Manager can even help you manage advanced settings and options in your Access databases you didn't know were available. Main...

NativeWinds Database Manager 2.0 NativeWinds  Information Database

Ndb is a powerful database manager. The Ndb software allows you to create databases to keep track of all your vital information, address lists, phone numbers, images, documents, contacts lists, sales information, etc. You can create complex reports, mailing labels, or personalized letters for...

DBeaver 1.0.5 Jkiss  Database

Free Universal Database Manager and SQL Client. Java-based application, supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, MSSQL, Sybase and any database which has JDBC driver.

SiteMechanics Database Manager 1. 1. 2002 SiteMechanics  Utilities

SiteMech Database Manager is a part of SiteMech Web Development Framework. This is a small and useful tool for backup and exchange data between Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases. It allows to export entire database or particular tables to XML file. Later you can import saved file to a...

Rapid Query 1 2 Spectral Core | metadata d.o.o.  Misc. Inf. Tools

Rapid Query is a database manager supporting Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle databases and ODBC sources. Rapid Query connects to each database using native protocols, so no libraries are required for it to work. SQL Editor provides lightning-fast and very advanced autocomplete as...

Rapid Query Pro 1.0.12 Spectral Core  Server

Rapid Query is a database manager supporting Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle databases and ODBC sources. Furthermore, this application will connect to each database via native protocols, in other words you will not need any additional libraries for it to work. SQL Editor provides...

Elixir Database Manager 1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

Java Database Manager, harnessing the power of JDBC. Makes database management interoperable. Features Database diagram generation, reports generation, graphs generation, code generation and usual database client features.

Kiosk Database Manager 0.92  Mail

A light weight MySQL database manager. Supports table creation, database management, etc.

Rockbox Database Manager 1.0  MP3 Tools

Rockbox Database Manager is a program designed to manipulate and examinethe rockbox database. It is intended to add several features to the rockboxdatabase that the rockbox firmware does not currently implement.