Date Calculator 7.1

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Date Calculator 7.1

Date Calculator performs a variety of calendar related functions useful in business. It will display a calendar for any month of any year. It will calculate the number of days between any two dates, optionally not counting certain days of the week, such as Saturday and Sunday. It can also be programmed to skip holidays. It can also calculate the date X days before or after a given date, again optionally only counting certain user selected days...

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Julian-Gregorian Date Calculator 6.09 Hermetic Systems  Business

Julian-Gregorian Date Calculator makes more than simple date conversion among Gregorian and Julian Calendars. This tool is also used for adding and subtracting a number of days, weeks, months and years to or from a given date.

Baby Due Date Calculator For Windows 8 New FertilityHQ  Miscellaneous

Baby Due Date Calculator For Windows 8 is a handy and reliable application designed to predict the birth date of your child. It manages to estimate the due date based on user data, which includes the average cycle length, the start date of the last period and the estimated date of conception.

CSC Date Calculator 2 1 Computer Solution Central  Utilities

CSC Date Calculator is a small but useful application that includes different options to count days. It is as simple as selecting a specific date on the calendar and setting a number of days to make the calculation. You just have to decide if the count will be after or before the current date,...

Julian-Gregorian-Dee Date Calculator 5 9 Hermetic Systems  Utilities

Julian-Gregorian-Dee Date Calculator will convert dates between these formats. Besides this, it can calculate the dates in those formats, adding or subtracting the number of days, weeks, month of years to or from a given date. It can also calculate vernal equinoxes. The calendars are...

What Date 1.0.0002 SRO Software  Utilities

What Date? is a simple, freeware date calculator for Windows. Enter a date and interval and press calculate to find any date in the future or past. What Date will recognize any date format which Windows can understand (date formats as set in Control Panel).

What Date? 1.0 SRO Software  Desktop Tools

A simple, free date calculator. The What Date? application was designed to be a simple, free date calculator. Enter a date and interval and press calculate to find any date in the future or past. What Date recognizes any date format Windows can (formats set in Control Panel).

PS Date Calculator PolarSoft  Business

Some of us often operate with dates. If it's problem for you to calculate how many days are between two specific dates or how many workdays left to your holidays then PS Date Calculator is for you. This program can tell you the difference between the specific dates or date plus/minus...

TimeCalcPro Spud City Software Co.  Utilities

TimeCalcPro is a multi-function time and date calculator. It adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides units of time, adds and subtracts AM/PM times, finds the difference between dates and times, lets you add and subtract from a starting date, and has a spreadsheet for calculating timecard totals...

Calculadora De Data 1.0 Jdatacalc  Scheduling

A simple date calculator, based in initial and final dates or a period of time.Uses gregorian calendar and joda time. Build in Java using netbeans 6.Support to i18n. Calculadora De Data 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0

Historical English Calendar 1.0 TouchText LLC  Reference

Historical English Calendar is a streamlined offline date-calculator for those interested in English history, literature, and genealogy. It converts between Old and New Style dates (Gregorian and Julian), calculates the day of the week, identifies the dates of moveable holidays (Easter, etc.),...