Dungeon Master DS alpha

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Dungeon Master Nintendo DS port (for playing DM, CSB and DM2 on NDS)

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Dungeon Master - Open Edition dmle.sourceforge.net  Role Playing

A free implementation of the classic game Dungeon Master from FTL/Interplay for GNU/Linux + SDL. Further implementations: other (POSIX preferred) systems supported by the SDL library.

Dungeon Master Helper 1.0 dmhelper.sourceforge.net  Role Playing

A Java application aimed at helping a dungeon master during AD&D gaming sessions targeted for PDAs

Dungeon Master Ruler 0.0.5 dmruler.sourceforge.net  Role Playing

DM Ruler helps dungeon master to create rules, senario, worlds, maps, monsters database, spells database, and so on. Everything can be customize with xml files. Build your own system or use an existing one.

Dungeon Master Java 2 2 Dmjava2  Misc. Games

Further development of the Dungeon Master Java source code for the JDK 6+ environment. Dungeon Master Java 2 2 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

Dungeon Master for Java Plus 1.0 Dmjavaplus  Misc. Games

Porting the original Alandale Dungeon Master for Java to Java 1.5, and including the new graphic enhancements. Dungeon Master for Java Plus 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Lindwurm - a Dungeon Master helper 1.0 Lindwurm  Misc. Games

A dungeon master encounter helper for DnD. Lindwurm - a Dungeon Master helper 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Open Dungeon Crawler 3D 1.0 Opendc3d  Misc. Games

The Open Dungeon Crawler 3D (ODC) is a remake of the classic 90s era 3D dungeon crawlers such as "Eye of The Beholder" and "Dungeon Master". It is initially targeted at the GameCube and desktop OSes. Open Dungeon Crawler 3D 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL); Other...

Treasure Generator 2 1 Python Software Foundation  Home & Personal

This software generates treasures according to the 2nd Edition AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide. I have achieved about 99% compliance with the official tables; variances are noted by comments in the code. You will need Python 1.5.2 or higher; 2.0 should also work fine.

Damnation of the Gods rc dotg.sourceforge.net  Role Playing

Oldschool RPG - (Dungeon Master-clone) coded in c++ using the SDL library (targeting OpenGL) with scripting functionality from the library LUA making it portable to a wide range of platforms.

Project MDMMD 0.1 mdmmd.sourceforge.net  Role Playing

MDMMD stands for Modern Dungeon Master's Map Displayer (or "Project 4000"). This program allows dungeon masters to use digital images as maps and organize them into worlds. This project is undergoing significant delays since it has to be done in C