E-Trade PriceList Importer 1. 9. 1937

ElbuzGroup, Inc. in Utilities

Program processing price lists. Analyzer price sheets. Comparison of price sheets.


Program processing price lists. Analyzer price sheets. Comparison of price sheets.

Processing program pricelists E-Trade PriceList Importer is a convenient and effective tool that can handle pricelists suppliers in the automatic mode, to detect changes in the prices of goods, the identification of a new product, expansion of commodity offers to potential buyers. Formation of a single consolidated price-list. Processing Leap is possible to import pre-defined rules for filtering products. An enhanced version of the program allows you to work with great speed and analyze the volume prices.

Program processing price lists. Analyzer price sheets. Comparison of price sheets. The program allows to handle price lists with a complex structure, with multiple number of sheets in the book of MS Excel. Proimportirovannye products may compare with the goods from the current accounting system (with goods from the internet shop). The program shows the difference in price between your products and those that were proimportirovany matches the supplier, as it is possible to add new products into your accounting system or an online store, with subsequent adjustment and mark-up on pre-defined rules margins (the threshold margin, margin with a rate or percentage mark-ups).

As a result, the user system has the ability to see in real-time prices of commodities and price-lists of suppliers, resulting in instantly update the prices of goods and create new headings on the site (online store).

Key features:

Formation of an effective presentation proposals for the best price with the help of systematic program of price-lists of suppliers, from an unlimited number of suppliers, the format of trade programs (scripts). Consolidating all product proposals in a single processing system.
* Availability of relevant data about the product offerings from price lists of suppliers in real time.
* Unlimited expansion of the supplier base and choice of optimal, a competitive environment.
* Information on current fund providers.
* Implementation of a real and rapid market analysis based on multilevel analysis of information provided in the price lists of suppliers.
* Ability to integrate with any account (warehouse) program as a supplier and buyer.
* Reduction of non-production costs for personnel and time savings through automation of routine procedures, improving the efficiency of the purchasing department as a whole.

* Import and processing of an unlimited number of price-lists of suppliers for various groups of goods.
Imports of goods from your accounting system (online store) into E-Trade PriceList Importer. The following systems and programs: MS Excel, 1C, scripts online stores: E-Trade Shop, Shop Script, VaM Shop, osCommerce, SiteMakers, UMI.CMS PRO, ShopCMS 3. Import formats: XLS, XML, YML, CSV, CSV Tab divider, TXT, SQL. Customize fields to import from the format of CSV.
Doing manual pricelists provider.
Imports are a limited number of goods from the file format of Microsoft Excel.
The formation of a consolidated price list for clients (all products from price lists of suppliers with minimum prices) and the formation of a consolidated price list for internal use (all products from price lists of suppliers with a detailed description of each product by the suppliers).
Setting the import price for each sheet separately, setting each sheet Microsoft Excel workbooks separately (for more efficient data import). Terms of imports (import filter) on the article of goods, the name of the goods, the name of the category of goods in the price list suppliers, manufacturers, note.
Introduction handbook organizations (suppliers), with expanded information on kazhnoj organization. Currency rate. Additional personal discount on a particular vendor.
* Set multiple filters: the difference in prices in commodities and filter items found in your system and product matches your filter is not found the goods, the filter on the supplier (ie, shows only the items related to the selected vendor in the accounting system), the possibility of install a filter on a group of goods, not a list of processed goods (not proimportirovannyh matches supplier), a list of new products in the price list provider, list of items for which lower or raise the price in the price list vendor.
Introduction handbook exchange rate for each supplier using additives percent rate.
Tiered margin on the goods. Threshold margin (price from 10 to 20 = 10%, from 20 to 30 = 5%). Surcharge categories of goods. Ability to set mark-up: when importing matches the supplier (in the processing rules of imports) or export of goods to a file (with the formation of the list of imports for download from the Internet store or the formation of retail price-list in MS Excel).
Possibility of manual comparison of the same product matches your product in your system (if the product was not found in the automatic comparison of goods for imports).
Customize colors of the type of product in the program for better visibility of the price change of goods, new goods, etc.
Batch processing of data. Allows you to automatically synchronize items in your system with the goods in the price list vendor, ie change the price of the goods and to add new products.
Formation of the output (your) price-list in the format of Microsoft Excel, with the possibility to order goods, your customers directly from the price list and send the list of ordered goods to your email. Output image of the goods for each position. Ability to show the customer the old price of the goods and the flags of price changes up or down for better visibility of the price changes. Support templates MS Excel - XLT, with the use of your macros, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA, Visual Basic for Applications).
Exports of goods in the catalog formats: CSV, TAB separator, XML, YML, XLS. Support import / export scripts online stores: E-Trade Shop, osCommerce, VaM Shop, Shop Script, PHPShop, ShopCMS. Support trading platforms: Yandex Market, PRICE.RU and analogues supporting the format YML. Exports of goods that are only available from suppliers. Creating templates exports in various trading systems.
Maintaining the directory of categories of goods in the accounting system (online store). The name, description, photos, Meta tags (SEO promotion) for the categories.
Maintaining the manufacturers' goods in your system (online store). Name, photo, link to the site of the manufacturer, Meta tags (SEO promotion) for manufacturers. Maintaining additional book synonyms manufacturers.
Combine the two price lists provider: Total + Current balances.
Ability to customize the import of goods from the price list vendor, who noted in the price list flag "in the stock.
Importing dynamic fields matches the supplier (in the program are standard fields for import: Ref, Name, Price, if they are not enough, then you can configure the import of any column of the file MS Excel).
You can import price sheet supplier without reference to the file name XLS, imports from a given folder (needed if the supplier often changes the name of the file).
Definition of categories of goods in the price list provider on the basis of font size and color the coloring of the text / cell. Determination of multi-level lists of categories of goods (tree structure).
Communication with the database program E-Trade Content Creator, to view features and photos of the goods.
* Monitoring the formation of erroneous prices of goods.
* Set fixed the recommended price.
* Ability to customize product names automatically change when you add products from the price lists of suppliers.
Configure the formation of dynamic meta tags for categories and products, optimization of the output for the search engines, SEO promotion.
* Import multi price.

E-Trade PriceList Importer 1. 9. 1937 Utilities software developed by ElbuzGroup, Inc. The license of this utilities software is shareware$, the price is 350.00, you can free download and get a free trial before you buy a registration or license. Do not use illegal warez version, crack, serial numbers, registration codes, pirate key for this utilities software E-Trade PriceList Importer. If you want to get a full and unlimited version of E-Trade PriceList Importer, you should buy from original publisher ElbuzGroup, Inc.

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