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EQ Energy Efficiency Analyzer Download

What is EQ?

Set a baseline of efficiency for your operation!

Calculate the overall efficiency of your compressed air system and identify potential energy savings with this easy 5-step process. The result is your systems Efficiency Quotient or EQ Rating. This tool is a calculation worksheet that provides an estimate of overall operating costs, system efficiency level and potential savings from having an complete EQ analysis performed. Take this first step to improving your air system efficiency today!

For additional information about the Quincy Efficiency Quotient method and to download the EQ brochure, visit www.quincycompressor.com/eq

Whats Your Efficiency Quotient?

Calculate an air compressor systems operating costs and discover the cost reduction potential. Quincy Compressors Efficiency Quotient (EQ) APP is a free tool for manufacturing plant managers to assess electrical consumption for compressed air systems. The powerful assessment allows users to set a baseline of efficiency for their operations. Want to save money on electric bills? Put money back into the bottom line and take the first step to calculating your plants Efficiency Quotient. Whats your EQ?

- Calculate the Supply Side
- Enter the compressed air systems workhorses and ancillary air treatment units. Determine the Supply Side Rating and continue to the Demand Side.
- Calculate the Demand Side
- Enter the load and operating conditions to determine an estimated cost of operating ones compressed air system.
- Get Your EQ
- See the potential for savings! Check your rating against best-in-class facilities and learn how to improve your rating!

EQ stands for Efficiency Quotient:
- Industry standard for evaluating the overall efficiency of your compressed air system
- Innovative, patented method based on proven Best Practice solutions

Whats the Benefit of a High EQ Rating?

Optimizes your compressed air system:
- Reduces energy consumption
- Stabilizes system pressure
- Improves system performance
- Enhances product consistency
- Improves plant productivity

A comprehensive guide is built in, making the computation easy. We allow you to enter compressor configuration and your local electrical energy cost for accurate computations. Need more help, visit: www.quincycompressor.com/eqapp/support


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