Ear and Memory Training

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The software behaves like a professor of music. At the beginning of each exercise, the software plays a preview of the series of notes that you'll have to recognize, while it shows them (on the screen) on the guitar's neck or on the piano keybord. It proceeds then to the dictation: it plays a note then awaits your answer, which you can give by clicking either on the guitar's neck, on the keyboard or even on the name of the notes displayed in...

Related Software

Brain memory training okhelp  Miscellaneous

Brain memory training allows you to learn how to type and train your memory in the process. For example, you can try it with children that want to learn a poem. Learn the fun way with this easy to use tool! Open a file and try to type the text without looking at the text!

Balloon Pop - Memory Train 1.0 DongGyu Park  Games

"Balloon Pop - Memory Train" game is VERY SIMPLE and intuitive game for youth and adults for MEMORY training. On each level the game will show up one or more balloons on the screen, the gamer must find the new balloons among them. As each level goes on, more and more balloons would be...

Endless Memory + 1.0 abs aslood  Games

This is a short-term memory training casual puzzle game. Each level will add a color block, so long as you can find the new color dot in the shortest time, you can pass the level. Come on! Have fun and challenge the memory limit with your friends in this game

English word memory 1.0 chen jian  Education

Main features: 1 total of 2705 with the English pronunciation of the word. 2 standard English pronunciation, Japanese explanation. 3 in accordance with the number set by the user, by group memory training. By constantly listening and watching, to strengthen memory purposes. 4 with the word test...

Bubbles Squares 1.00 GeloSoft  Puzzle

The Bubbles Squares is a game for visual memory training. See some blocks placed in squares, then try and place them back where they were. Play and train.

GNOME WAV Merger 3.1.0 gwavmerger.sourceforge.net  Parenting Tools

gwavmerger is an interactive memory training tool designed to facilitate the learning of foreign languages. It helps you memorize long passages of text by heart.

JPexeso 0.8 Jpexeso  Board Games

Board game for memory training for two players. Possible to play against AI (different types). The game has support for themes. Cars, houses, girls :-) JPexeso 0.8 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

2vienadi 1.0 E FORMA  Education

2vienadi - "Find a pair" is a memory training game, that uses elements from Latvian peoples fairy tales Abra " and "The Seasons ". The product continues the series of our interactive teaching aids. The aim of the game is to develop memory, concentration and finger muscles.

BabyPark - DoDo Cards Match (Kids Game, Baby Cognitive, Learn Words) Free 1.4 Jin Xiaoxi  Education

DoDo is a clever little monkey, it accompaies babies growing up together, learns foods, animals, and a lot of commodities. This is a memory training application for kids. The features of "Multiplayer online game" is the Interactive and competition. ?It is the multi memory game where...