EatRight 90 - Nutrition log extreme fitness - Diet and exercise 1.3.1

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A portion-based nutrition log. Great for 90-day fitness regimes and more. Export your log via email, keep a journal of foods and exercises. Updates address many comment suggestions. New update pending.UPDATED: Export your log via email and keep a ...


A portion-based nutrition log. Great for 90-day fitness regimes and more. Export your log via email, keep a journal of foods and exercises. Updates address many comment suggestions. New update pending.

UPDATED: Export your log via email and keep a journal for each day (write what you ate, what workouts you did, etc).

Need a simple workout planner or to-do list? Search for the YouDo app.


EatRight 90 is a nutrition log ideal for those following and needing to meet the needs of extreme fitness programs.

The portions are compatible with bootcamp-style, 90-day workouts.

Need a more general-purpose log? Search for EatRight.

The current release doesn't support modifying the portion plan, so familiarity with popular fitness programs is helpful.

For example, you can get more out of this if you have purchased P90X materials and know the workouts and nutrition plan.

Portions are in line with nutrition needs provided you're burning around 600 calories a day on your fitness program.


+ Simply tap a portion serving to mark it off
+ Logs all days, even ones you missed
+ Review and edit your nutrition history
+ Email export your log and journal
+ Write notes for each day in the Journal
+ Simple built-in guide suggests serving sizes
+ Can start using app in middle of a workout program
+ Hint bubble lets you know what each color represents


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