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ELECTRICAL FORMULATOR PRO combines over 250 formulas, 150 charts and parts of the MN electrical code which is based on the 2008 National Electric Code. Formulas are for both American and Metric systems so both AWG and Mil formulas are given. The ...


ELECTRICAL FORMULATOR PRO combines over 250 formulas, 150 charts and parts of the MN electrical code which is based on the 2008 National Electric Code. Formulas are for both American and Metric systems so both AWG and Mil formulas are given.

The charts include charts on motors, power demand, wiring, and voltage drop and safety codes. The basic program calculates Amps both from AC and DC currents. It calculates kilowatts, horsepower, efficiency, power factor, watts, amps, current, power, resistance, and voltage. It includes formulas to calculate total resistance, capacitance, voltage drops, and transformer calculations. There are also over 300 conversion formulas as part of the program.

Every result in Electrical Pro can be saved. You can also select from favorites and recent formulas, print AND E-mail results

The charts in the program include:
Locked Motor Indicating Letters
Standard Horsepower Ratings
Synchronous Speed RPM
Wire Specs

Clothes Dryer Demand
Electric Range Demand
Other Kitchen Demand
Lighting Loads
Multi-Family Demands
Efficiency Ratings

Color Wiring Codes
Current Carrying Capacity of Aluminum Wire Single Conductor
Current Carrying Capacity of Aluminum Wire Three Conductor
Current Carrying Capacity of Copper Wire Single Conductor
Current Carrying Capacity of Copper Wire Three Conductor
Conductor Application and Insulation
Current Adjustment for More then Three Wires in Cable
Electrical Conductors- Physical and Electrical Properties- Solid Wires
Electrical Conductors- Physical and Electrical Properties- Stranded Wires
Flexible Cords and Cables Current Capacities
Insulation Temperatures
Maximum Number of Conductors and Fixture Wires in Flexible
Maximum Number of Conductors and Fixture Wires In Electrical Metal Tubing
Maximum Number of Conductors and Fixture Wires In Flexible Electrical Metal Tubing
Number of Conductors in Outlet Device and Junction Boxes
Volume Required Per Conductor

Wire Size vs. Voltage Drop

Branch Circuit
Minimum Cable Covering
Minimum Size Equipment Grounding Conductors for Grounding Raceway and Equipment

Some of the formulas Included

Starting motor amperage
Number of cells required
Operating time

Cost of operating lights and appliances
Cost of using appliances
Hours of usage of new bulb
Insulation years to payback

Direct Current Generator
Generator amperage output
Generator efficiency

When resistance and reactance are known
When resistance inductive reactance are known.
Kva to Kw
Parallel Circuits
Total resistance
Reactance (X)
Inductive Reactance
Capacitance Reactance

Locked rotor current
Single-phase motors
Three phase motors
Motor KVA calculations
When Fla is known
When motor KVA per horsepower is known
Motor KVA when above not known
Speed of motor

Calculate for power
Calculate for Resistance
Calculate for voltage

Primary amperes
Secondary amperes
Transformers sizes full load cur
Single phase 208 V
Single phase 240 v
Single phase 480 v
Three phase 208 v
Three phase 240 v
Three phase 480 v
Rated full load
Impedance of secondary
Amperage capacity from secondary

Voltage drop calculations feet
1 phase copper
1 phase aluminum
3-phase copper
3 phase Aluminum
Voltage drop calculations meters
1 phase copper meters
1 phase aluminum meter
3 phase copper meters
3 phase aluminum meters

Wire size
Wire length copper
Wire resistance
Wire length aluminum
Amp to be calculated
Conduit size

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