Electronic Field Notebook (EFN) 1.3

Daniel Young, Sr. in Mobile \ Productivity

Electronic Field Notebook (EFN) Download

An Electronic Field Notebook (EFN) for field researchers as well as first responders. Create as many note books as needed for each research project. First responders can create a note book for each emergency response. The app permits each note book an ability to use a photo as the note book cover for reference. All information can be saved automatically via iCloud, Email, Tethering, or Web-Based Application (contact 1stCav@fuse.net if you would like more information on how this app can support an entire organization through web-based login server -- i.e., all data can be securely stored on your server).

The field app for iPhone or iPad can be used to upload real time data (note pages, videos, pictures, lab analysis, and more) and be used by first responders, FEMA response personnel, DHS response teams, EPA On Scene Coordinators, lab/field researchers, and other local and (National Incident Management System) NIMS type events. Once the apps are downloaded to your department or Agencies iPhones & iPads contact 1stCav@fuse.net to discuss scheduling a conference call to connect the devices to a central SSL server within your Agency. The secure server can be maintained by us or at your site or ours. The technology behind the secure server is tested to serving over 250,000,000 records. Searches 100,000,000 names in approximately 1 second. In addition, disparate types of data can be "related" together through thorough knowledge of database technology.

Examples of how this will help your Department, Agency or Lab is through real time update of field data logged on the app and transferred to the home server. An excellent example of the power of this app would be a situation where a researcher may need assistance in the field to determine a hazardous substance, but is unable to provide sufficient data for research staff to assist from the Lab Ops center. Another example would be a Border Agent in the field with an iPhone or iPad at a crime scene uploading real time data to an Emergency Response Center for current or later use in criminal cases (i.e., had the system been in place when the border agent was killed a few years back and had an iPhone, it would of been of tremendous assistance had he had time to upload the data from an iPhone to the server.)

Page 1: Cover Page.
Page 2: Notebooks. Add as many as you like, one for each emergency response or field research project. Include a picture of the on-scene event or field location.
Page 3: Instructions: Add instructions for each note book.
Page 4: TOC. Automatically generated. no user input required.
Page 5: Note pages. Add as many note pages as needed per note book. Note: Please include note book number.
Page 6: Draw. Sketch a crime scene, emergency response area (i.e., hazardous area/PPE requirements, or the sampling location for field research, copy and paste to the note page you are working on.
Page 7: Map using Apple's new military grade map (no longer need to settle for inferior google or mapquest while in the field)
Page 8-11: Add Contacts, Users, Inspections, and Email right from the EFN.


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