Eltima Serial Port Terminal 5.0

ELTIMA Software GmbH in Utilities \ Maintenance

The main purpose of Eltima Serial Port Terminal is to establish connection to serial port and send/receive various types of data down the serial line. Eltima Serial Port Terminal is a session-based, multi-purpose application that provides simple communication interface to connect to any serial port device (modem/fax/GPS/mouse/printer and so on). Eltima Serial Port Terminal allows you to open as many serial ports as you like (including virtual...

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Serial Port Terminal 4.1 ELTIMA Software GmbH  Maintenance

Advanced Serial Port Terminal is a session-based, multi-purpose application that provides simple communication interface to connect to any serial port device (modem;fax;GPS;mouse;printer and so on). Whether you want to connect to remote computer using null-modem cable, send or receive various...

DUAL SERIAL PORT TERMINAL 1.0 dualserialport.sourceforge.net  Bug Trackers

Dual serial port terminal written for Windows and Linux by www.KitShop.ro . The software is sending and receiving data from 2 serial ports. Written in Lazarus and using 5pdo. ENJOY !!!

Java Serial Port Terminal 1.00 javaserialportt.sourceforge.net  Backup Tools

Java Serial Port Terminal allows you to open asynchronous serial COM ports on your computer. For all you Java fans out there, this is an example of how to access a serial port. Produced by BreezeElectronics.Net. Help link is added to Version 1.00

BirdTerm Java Serial Port Terminal 1.0 Birdterm  Misc. Utils.

BirdTerm - Bold Inventions Terminal -- A Java-based Serial Port Terminal program like TeraTerm. It implements ANSI sequences for setting text color and cursor position. It uses SWT/JFace and the RXTX Communication API. Serial Port Terminal Emulation for Windows, Ansi Color Text and Cursor...

CoolTerm 1.4.2 Build 201 Roger Meier  Misc. Utils.

Developed as a useful and user-friendly software, CoolTerm acts as a serial port terminal application. CoolTerm is a tool that's geared towards hobbyists and professionals with a need to exchange data with hardware connected to serial ports such as servo controllers, robotic kits, GPS receivers,...

Eltima Serial Port Monitor 1.2 ELTIMA Software GmbH  Maintenance

Serial Port Monitor is a professional application for RS232/422/485 COM ports monitoring. It monitors, displays, logs and analyzes all serial port activity in a system. It can effectively be used for monitoring serial data exchange between serial devices and any Windows application, debugging...

Eltima Serial Port ActiveX Control 3.0 MKS Software  Misc. Dev. Tools

Serial Port AX Control is a powerful ActiveX component that can be used to simplify communication with external devices on rs232 connection. This includes modems, bar code readers, PBX or any other devices that have a serial interface. Serial Port AX Control 2.0 introduces an impressive number of...

FUNterm 1.02 funterm.sourceforge.net  Misc. Internet

FUNterm is a serial port terminal program for Windows. It offers basic serial connection. Because FUNterm is written using basic Win32 calls, with no high-level libraries, it works under Linux using Wine. The serial driver can be used separately.

KHexTerm 0.1.1 khexterm.sourceforge.net  Backup Tools

KHexTerm is a simple serial port terminal, useful for testing of peripheral still using RS-232 interfaces.KHexTerm provides a easy to use GUI written in C++ using Qt 4.x and supports hex and text input/output modes.

MaxiCom 0.3 maxicom.sourceforge.net  Backup Tools

A serial port terminal emulator for the GNOME desktop.