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Engineering Survey Calculator has got 33 Calculators for different Surveying,measurement and Civil Engineering Parameters. - Handy Tool for Engineering Surveyors - Available in Imperial (USCS) and Metric (SI) Units. - Available for i Pad and ...


Engineering Survey Calculator has got 33 Calculators for different Surveying,measurement and Civil Engineering Parameters.
- Handy Tool for Engineering Surveyors
- Available in Imperial (USCS) and Metric (SI) Units.
- Available for i Pad and iPhone

List of Calculators in the App

1. Standard Deviation (Series of Observations)
2. Probable Error (Single Observation)
3. Probable Error (Combined Effects of Accidental Errors)
4. Error of the Mean (Based on Combined Effects of Accidental Errors)
5. Error of the Mean (Based on Specific Error of a Single Measurement)
6. Specified Error of a Single Measurement
7. Probable Error of the Mean
8. Temperature Correction
9. Measurement Correction on a Slope
10. Tension Correction to Measured Length
11. Sag Correction to Measured Length
12. Horizontal Distance (Slope Measurements)
13. Slope Correction (Slopes of 10% or less)
14. Slope Correction (Slopes greater than 10%)
15. Correction due to Incorrect Tape Length
16. Correction due to Nonstandard Tension
17. Sag Correction (Between Points of Support)
18. Departure from a Level Surface
19. Displacement (Horizontal Sights)
20. Combined Effect of Refraction and Curvature of Earth
21. Quantities of Material to be Excavated/Filled
22. Relative Accuracy required between directly connected Bench marks (First Order - Class I)
23. Relative Accuracy required between directly connected Bench marks (First Order - Class II)
24. Relative Accuracy required between directly connected Bench marks (Second Order - Class I)
25. Relative Accuracy required between directly connected Bench marks (Second Order - Class II)
26. Relative Accuracy required between directly connected Bench marks (Third Order)
27. Horizontal Distance between the Instrument and the Rod (Stadia Surveying)
28. Vertical Distance between the Instrument and the Rod (Stadia Surveying)
29. Distance (From Instrument Spindle to Rod - Horizontal Sights)
30. Stadia Constant
31. Photo Scale
32. Photo Scale (Using Focal Length)
33. Map Scale

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