enyone's PHP FTP File manager 1.0

Ephpftp in Internet \ FTP

enyone's PHP FTP File management system written in php language. enyone's PHP FTP File manager 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

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mPFM is a PHP driven File Manager that allows you to remotely control almost every aspect related to files/folders within a predefined folder. Designed with security and functionality in mind, it suits both Linux and Windows driven Webservers.

XULTech Firelinks File Manager 1.0 XULTech  Site Administration

XULTech Firelinksfor Mozilla Firefox is a remote file manager/control panel that lets you manage your web server using an easy to use GUI interface. Firelinks uses Firefox's XUL (XML User-interface Language), and Javascript to deliver a web based application that has the look and feel of a...

FTP File Manager 1.0 Ftp-filemanager  FTP

this project file manager by php to manage by ftpif we have more php accounts in another servers and we want to manage it from 1 page !!!we cane use this project FTP File Manager 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

AjaxFtpExplorer 1.02 Ivan A Kirillov  Components and Libraries

Ftp file manager (Ajax + php). Function: connect, add, del, rename, permission, download, upload.

ShouKa FTP 1.0 souless.me  File & Disk Management

An online FTP file manager. You can edit, copy, move, rename, delete, chmod, edit and preview any file on your remote FTP server! It is completely ajaxified, thanks to jQuery and open to the public. AJAX, FTP, PHP, HTML, Web Application ShouKa FTP 1.0 License - MIT License

PHP File Manager | CloudOsys 2.9b8 Cloudosys  ASP & PHP

CloudOsys is a PHP file manager, a tool that allows your visitors upload files such as media content directly to your website. Your visitors will upload files directly to your website, where they can share and comment on them. Through cloud computing technology using the browser, the script...

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Side by side file management, easy multiple file renaming, synchronization, smart folder caching, and customizable looks combine to make the perfect file manager for Microsoft Windows. No more constantly sizing and resizing file management windows when moving or copying files between folders and...

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Fly Web File Manager 1.1 Futurain Software  Site Administration

Fly Web File Manager is a web based remote file manager with user permissions allowing you to online manage and share your files via web browser. Our web based file manager can be used for remote file storage, companies and institutions that need to easy share documents via Internet or Intranet...

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Active ISO File Manager is a powerful and easy to use software to author, edit and burn CD/DVD-ROM ISO images compatible with the ISO 9660 / Joliet standards. With this incredible program you can create create ISO images from either existing CD/DVD-ROMs or from any existing files and folder....