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ExhibitView Trial Notebook & Presenter Download

ExhibitView is the Electronic Trial Notebook and Presenter!

Now you can organize by folders, issues, annotate, and present with ease using our cutting edge Ipad App. Intuitive features, easy file management, and email and phone support ensure your success with ExhibitView Ipad!

**Reviews & Quotes**
If you are looking for an easy to use, powerful presentation tool for trial presentations, or even in the conference room or boardroom, ExhibitView for the iPad is a very impressive solution.
I have been using PC ExhibitView since last fall. I just downloaded ExhibitView for Ipad. Great app!
We are very impressed with the app and what it has to offer. We are also considering your PC version of the program
I can tell you that I was impressed, and look forward to seeing other developments from them
users of the software will find themselves at home with ExhibitView iPad, which has a similar look and feel to the PC application
I have used the desktop version of ExhibitView in several mediations, with great success. I was thrilled to see the App come out
read more at www.exhibitviewipad.com

**Excellence in Features**

>Organize and present with unparalleled ease
>Create and organize on PC and save as iPad
>Present wirelessly with Apple TV (requires iPad2 )
>Sort by documents, images, audio/visual
>Rename items using alias naming convention
>Easy search features
>Present side by side or full screen
>Markup and save with screenshot button
>Quickly create multiple cases
>Callout or pinch and zoom to make your points
>Highlight in any color, use pen tools with various thickness and more
>Rotate documents or images
>Deposition MODE to allow handoff to witnesses
>ALL the popular file formats supported
>The easiest and most intuitive legal presentation app available
>Complete telephone and email support 24/7, weekends and Holidays

**Organize, Create & Present**

ExhibitView makes creating a presentation easier than ever. You can use our iPad app to organize and present by adding items/assets/exhibits via Dropbox. Once inside of the app you can rename, create witness folders and prepare your presentation for hearings, mediations, arbitration or trial.
WANT MORE CONTROL? Use our PC version of ExhibitView to do all your organization on your PC and Save-as iPad directly to Dropbox. Open your iPad and import the completed project. You can use our PC brand to create slideshows, witness folders and pre-mark/annotate items before you save for iPad. This exclusive feature is winning over attorneys and allows for even greater options when it comes to presentations. Some are simple, some are complex. Here at ExhibitView we say the only view that matters is yours!

**Contact Us**

www.exhibitview.net (PC site)
706-622-3305 (corporate number)
404-247-3596 (Bill Roach, Partner cell phone)


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