Extensible Content Editor 1.0

Xce in Web Development \ XML/CSS Tools

A WYSIWYG XML editor. The goal of this editor is to enable (web)developers to create an easy to use interface for authors to edit XML content. See the wiki for a more detailed description. Extensible Content Editor 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Related Software

Toko Content Editor 1.5.1 Toko Web Service  Misc. HTML Tools

Toko is a compact multi language, open source content editor and content management system (CMS). It is advanced easy to use yet fully featured program that takes 2 minuets to install even for non technical users. Toko supports multiple authors with different access and view privileges so...

Ipe extensible drawing editor rc ipe7.sourceforge.net  Graphic Editors

Ipe is an extensible drawing editor for creating figures in PDF and Postscript format. It supports making small figures for inclusion into LaTeX-documents as well as presentations in PDF.

Onyx CE onyxce.sourceforge.net  Misc. Dev. Tools

Onyx CE (Content Editor) is designed to be an extensible toolkit for creating content (scripts, maps, tilesets, and sprites) for 2D games. It intends to support the formats for the Game Creation Engines ika, Verge, and Sphere.

DzSoft WebPad 2.1 DzSoft Ltd  HTML Editors

DzSoft WebPad is an extensible HTML editor with PHP and ASP syntax highlighting. Features one-click preview in built-in browser, HTML Tidy tool from the World Wide Web Consortium to format and cleanup your HTML code and much more. You can add virtually any feature to DzSoft WebPad with the power...

BlueGriffon Portable 1.4.2001 Daniel Glazman  HTML Tools

BlueGriffon is a new WYSIWYG content editor for the World Wide Web. Powered by Gecko, the rendering engine of Firefox 4, it's a modern and robust solution to edit Web pages in conformance to the latest Web Standards. BlueGriffon is an intuitive application that provides Web authors (beginners or...

RED - A Java Editor Library Red  Misc. Dev. Tools

RED is an extensible text editor library for Java. RED - A Java Editor Library License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

Textadept 6.0 mforal  Business

Textadept will provide users with a fast, minimalist, and ridiculously extensible text editor. At its core lies less than 2000 lines of C code, and that's how it always will be. While other editors rely on recordable macros to speed up workflow, shell scripts to quickly transform text, and static...

BlueGriffon 1 1 BlueGriffon  Internet

BlueGriffon is a new WYSIWYG content editor for the World Wide Web. BlueGriffon is an intuitive application that provides Web authors with a simple User Interface allowing to create attractive Web sites without requiring extensive technical knowledge about Web Standards. Powered by Gecko, the...

Altova Authentic 2012 Desktop 1.0 Altova  Web Development

Altova Authentic® 2012 is a content editor that allows you to view and edit data in XML documents and relational databases. Authentic has an user interface element of XML-based document frameworks and management-oriented databases. Authentic is available as either a desktop application...

Altova Authentic Enterprise Edition 2012 Altova, Inc.  Misc. Inf. Tools

Altova Authentic 2012 Enterprise Edition is an advanced WYSIWYG XML and database content editor that allows non-technical users to view and edit data in XML documents and relational databases without being exposed to the underlying technology. They simply fill in electronic forms using the word...