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EzWeb Compiler is a product for creating Web files. A Web file contains many HTML/ASP/graphic files and folders. It is literally a file system within a file.


EzWeb Compiler is a product for creating Web files. A Web file contains many HTML/ASP/graphic files and folders. It is literally a file system within a file. It can hold any kind of file, but we use it to contain HTML and graphic files (also ASP files for use with our HSP product - see below). Think of EzWeb Compiler as "WinZip for Webpages". EzWeb Compiler files are read by our HSP "pluggable protocol", which is a kind of Internet Explorer plug-in for retrieving web content. Using EzWeb Compiler files and pluggable protocols together is what HSP and EzWeb Compiler is all about. You can also use our EzStor Pluggable Protocol, which is a lightweight version of HSP. It will only work with static HTML pages - it won't run ASP pages.

EzWeb Compiler is very easy to use. You just drag and drop files onto EzWeb Compiler from Windows Explorer. You can easily store an entire website in a EzWeb Compiler file to be viewed on any Windows machine right inside the Internet Explorer browser (many people are distributing ASP websites and product catalogs on CD using EzWeb Compiler and HSP). EzWeb Compiler files can be viewed in Internet Explorer (or the WOW ActiveX control) using either of our HSP or EzWeb Compiler pluggable protocols.
With EzWeb Compiler you can:

* Create "Web Files" for use by HSP in IE or Windows Apps embedding the Webbrowser component. Your web files can contain an entire static HTML or ASP website.
* Create product catalogs that can collect order information offline and then post the order data to your own website.
* Create help/documentation files that can only be viewed using our EzView web file viewer.
* Optionally license a file so that a machine license is required to view or run it.
* Optionally encrypt and lock your content file so that only those authorized can view it. EzWeb Compiler files are read seamlessly by HSP.

Note: EzView is a "Read Only" version of EzWeb Compiler. You can freely distribute both EzView and EzWeb Compiler.

Another use is for creating Help/Documentation files quickly and easily as an alternative to HTML Help (Microsoft's Help file tool). Creating help content and documentation is quite a task. Many people these days are using HTML to create their help and documentation content because of its ease of use and many available tools. Now EzWeb Compiler makes it easier than ever to deploy your help content. Not only that, you can actually access your help file content from within your own program through the use of embedded Internet Explorer ActiveX controls (IEX), or our WOW control. So you can have truly integrated help right within your own programs, without a separate viewer program. EzWeb Compiler is great for Power Point presentations too (read on to see how). You would typically distritbute EzView with your EzWeb Compiler files that are not to be read inside the Internet Explorer Browser.

Besides using EzWeb Compiler to create HSP files, you can also use it to create webpage archive files. People are routinely save their webpages that they visit to their local disk. When you select File/Save As in Internet Explorer, it creates a local webpage and a folder with the same name and "_files" appended. It uses this folder to save all of the graphics files that are referenced on the webpage. If you save a lot of files, then you end up with a lot of files and folders. EzWeb Compiler is the perfect way to archive them into a single file to be easily viewed. You can also group your archives into different EzWeb Compiler archive files. You can literally stuff hundreds of files into a single EzWeb Compiler file.

EzWeb Compiler Content Storage File Compiler 1.0 Hobbies software developed by EzTools Software. The license of this hobbies software is freeware, the price is free, you can free download and get a fully functional freeware version of EzWeb Compiler Content Storage File Compiler. Do not use illegal warez version, crack, serial numbers, registration codes, pirate key for this hobbies freeware EzWeb Compiler Content Storage File Compiler. Always use genuine version that is released by original publisher EzTools Software.

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