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GAMEPLAY Final Fantasy XI, in addition to being an MMORPG, differs from previous titles in the series in several ways. Unlike the predefined main characters of previous Final Fantasy titles, players are able to customize their characters in limited ways, including race, gender, face, hair color, body size, job, and allegiance. Also diverging from previous games in the series, all battles are real time, and enemies are no longer randomly...

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Eorzea Navigator 1.3 Yukim  Utilities

This is FINAL FANTASY XIV (SQUARE-ENIX) assistant application. Eorzea clock (in game clock), Item database and Recipe database. The database can be edited like wiki. Ver1.3 Updates - Map Viewer & Search Ver1.2 Updates - Require iOS 3.0 or later (The previous version was 4.1) Ver1.1 Updates...

Final Fantasy Flash RPG 1.0 Mitra Solution Gaming  Misc. Games

Final Fantasy Flash RPG is classic Final Fantasy now available for your computer. The game is similar to the Final Fantasy games released for the super nintendo, and allows you to play Kain and travel the world. This is not an emulation but rather a whole new Final Fantasy game and you'll even...

Final Fantasy VI Save State Editor 32  Role Playing

ff6edit is a program that can be used to edit the save state information in Final Fantasy VI (or FFIII in the USA) in order to customize your characters however you see fit. It will be written in C++ and run in the GTK environment.

Q-Gears : A free Final Fantasy 7 engine. 0.20  Role Playing

Q-Gears is an RPG engine for games like Squaresoft's Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy IX or Xenogears. It is designed to be cross-platfrom and run on modern operating systems such as Win32 and Linux.

Final Fantasy Battles 1.0 Ffbattles  Strategy

Final Fantasy Battles (project code-name) - is a network game. It's about jRPG battles, but between players, with internet statistic, leveling system e.t.c. Final Fantasy Battles 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Final Fantasy Legends ReDux 1.0 Finalfantasyleg  Misc. Games

A Remake of The Final Fantasy Legend For Gameboy. Using the RPG Maker engine to bring FFL out of the 80s and into the 2000s Final Fantasy Legends ReDux 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL); Public Domain

Final Fantasy Sonic X6 1.0  Misc. Games

Continuation of the fifth part of Sonic Adventures. Help Sonic in his fight against the evil True Guardian. Can you win this fight with a seemingly impossible-to-defeat guardian? Just choose one of the mighty techniques to defeat giant bosses in Super Sonic series, from sword slashing to ultra...

Encyclopedia for Final Fantasy I-IX (Unofficial) 1.4 Rai Apps  Books

The unofficial, fan-made encyclopedia for the Final Fantasy series! Story, character guide and much more in one handy app! Check out our other apps: - Metal Gear Story for the complete, unofficial synopsis of the Metal Gear games! - God of War Story for the complete, unofficial synopsis of the...

Quiz Guide for Final Fantasy 13-2 1.0 CMKS  Reference

Quiz Guide for Final Fantasy 13-2 helps you answer all the Questions required for the Quiz Fragments. Includes all questions of all 4 Quiz Terminals in Academia 4XX and all questions asked by Captain Cryptic! For Xbox 360 and Playstation 3! In the next update we will include how to find Captain...

Breath of Fantasy 1.0 Breathoffantasy  Misc. Games

Breath of Fantasy is a classic role-playing game (RPG) similar to the early Breath of Fire and Final Fantasy series. BOF is being developed in perspective 3D using OpenGL, and is written in C++. Currently running in Windows; future support for Linux. Breath of Fantasy 1.0 License - GNU General...